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A famous name in sophisticated smoking, Davidoff offers an extensive assortment of luxury handmade premium cigars to suit all manner of serious cigar connoisseurs...plus an impressive array of ratings scores from popular cigar magazines. With our selection of Davidoff Cigar Assortments of premium luxury cigars, smokers are presented with a refined range in cigar sizes, strength profiles, and styles, all expertly handmade by the tobacco artisans of Davidoff and creatively packaged to allow premium-cigar smokers to sample and savor the various luxury offerings that the Davidoff premium-cigar brand has to offer.

When buying Davidoff cigars online, it can be difficult to make a choice. With Davidoff Cigar Assortments, it becomes that much easier to indulge, enjoy, and even decide on a new favorite or old standby Davidoff premium handmade luxury cigar.

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