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Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro cigars are a follow-up to the original 93-rated Project 40 line that was created with the sole purpose of providing modestly priced premium cigars that every smoker can enjoy. With both lines, brand owner Alec Rubin follows the same Zen-like motivational principle that each individual is in control of their own happiness. In both instances, Rubin believes that happiness is found in a great tasting premium cigar that’s sold for an affordable price. Project 40 Maduro cigars feature a very dark and oily San Andrés maduro wrapper, surrounding an Habano binder and deeply aged long filler tobaccos from the famed Oliva farms throughout Nicaragua. In keeping with the Project 40 philosophy, these fragrant full-flavored cigars provide warm and inviting tasting notes of dark chocolate, espresso, black pepper, and hints of sweetness, that are certain to put you in a mindful and calming mood with every fragrant puff. Order a modestly priced box of 24 from JR Cigar, and once again take control of your cigar smoking happiness courtesy of Project 40!
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