Aganorsa Leaf's JFR Lunatic Torch cigars are a three vitola line of premium Nicaraguan puros covered by a reddish hue Aganorsa Corojo wrapper. Aganorsa Leaf is grown by expert Nicaraguan farmers using traditional Cuban growing methods similar to those used in Vuelta Abajo, and Pinar del Rio, two of the richest tobacco regions in Cuba. This adds a unique “Cubanesque” character to the overall blend. What sets Lunatic Torch apart, is that it’s rolled with a rare shaggy foot that allows you to smoke the fillers only for the first inch before merging with the wrapper. When smoking this gem, you’ll realize how the wrapper truly affects the taste. Medium bodied in strength, this three vitola line delivers complex, highly satisfying flavors of earth, pepper, dark roast coffee, and hints of dried fruit, punctuated with a buttery smooth finish. The Aganorsa Leaf JFR Lunatic Torch cigars are sold in modestly priced boxes of 10 that will provide a smoke that’s truly unlike any other. Order these distinctively delicious smokes from JR Cigar today!
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