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The Aganorsa farm has been growing and cultivating some of the finest premium Nicaraguan tobaccos for more than two decades. Aganorsa tobacco is expertly grown old world Cuban style, using Cuban seeds and the oversight of well-seasoned agronomists from Cuba. A few years back, the company created their own line of premium cigars, called Aganorsa Signature Selection cigars that showcase what these prized tobaccos have to offer.

Aged for a minimum of seven years, each Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection cigar utilizes the finest vintage tobaccos to create a buttery smooth full-bodied experience. The blend is composed of Nicaragua Corojo 99’, Criollo 98’ and medio tiempo long filler tobacco, bunched inside a tasty Nicaraguan binder. The cigars are finished in two beautiful vintage wrappers, an EMS Corojo '99, and a darker Maduro Corojo ’99 varietal.

Both full bodied, and exceptionally smooth, the lighter wrapped variety offers luscious notes of roasted nuts, toasted bread, earth, and leather, whereas the maduro selection provides rich flavors of chocolate, wood, and black cherry. Both blends are backed by the signature spicy sweetness that these prized Aganorsa leaves are famous for.

Buy your favorite Aganorsa Signature Selection wrapper style online from JR Cigar, and enjoy one the smoothest and creamiest full-bodied cigars on the planet.

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