JR Alternative Cigars

If you are new to smoking handmade premium cigars and want to explore a variety of sizes, countries, and blends without spending enormous amounts of money, JR Alternatives are a very sensible choice for you.

Whether you are looking for time-honored and beloved brand like Excalibur, Montecristo, or Macanudo, you will find a value-priced option in our vast selection of JR Alternative styles. These smokes are expertly handmade in large quantities in order to offer them at reasonable prices. They aren’t seconds but they are all made with the leftover long-filler tobacco leaf from some of the best and most popular and well-known premium cigar brands available, allowing budget-conscious cigar smokers to explore just about every premium blend out there today. Take the hassle and expense out of learning what kind of handmade cigars you should store in your humidor by choosing a few bundles of JR Alternatives, smokes that are just as good as any other top-quality premium handmade cigar on the market… but for much, much less!