3.7058823529411766 17
Buena Fortuna I expected a heavy flavor fro. This dark wrapper but it was surprisingly smooth. I would actually call it a maximum smoke. Draw was nice and fairly consistent. Great sturdy ash. Enjoyable and I would have another if offered at a good deal. This came in my gar of the month club. 4 5 1
Buena Fortuna Always a big fan of Montecristo cigars. Only a few B&M has this but when I found it I had to try it. 4 5 1
Buena Fortuna This cigar I have smoked for a long . It's thre same cigar every time I smoke it . It's not the best looking cigar in the world but the flavor is outstanding . I buy it all the time . 3 5 1
Buena Fortuna A great dark smoke! Not the smoothest monte cristo but still a good top end cigar! I love all monte cristos! 4 5 1
Buena Fortuna This really reminded me of the Camacho Triple Maduro. The flavors are close but different in there own way. I found this to be more earthy with pepper and light cocoa. I did enjoy it. The draw on this first one was a little tight but loosened up during the first third. 3 5 1
Buena Fortuna This is definitely better than other montecristo's that I have smoked but still a little disappointing in the flavor just like the others. Draw is ok but it's good enough for when your waiting on the good ones to arrive 3 5 1
Buena Fortuna I've smoked many Montecristos and I'd put this in the mid range. It had a decent pull but I wasn't a huge fan of the flavor 3 5 1
Buena Fortuna Thor Montecristo Peruvian burns fortuna is a cigar with a tasty finish and a delicious toasty nut taste 2 5 1
Buena Fortuna I Really enjoyed this cigar front eh first draw all the way to the last draw! This cigar had a really thick chewy smoke with nice hints of cedar and coffee 5 5 1
Buena Fortuna Once again 5 stars for monte the construction is beautiful the burn is perfect the smoke smooth and creamy although I wish these was bigger not that it's not satisfying it's just that good always wanting more. It's like saying goodbye to an old friend when you're fingers burn 5 5 1
Buena Fortuna The blend of tobacco in this cigar adds such a different depth of flavor for the Monticristo line it's a med to full bodied and the taste is one of a kind 3 5 1
Buena Fortuna I'm not a huge Montecristo fan but I found this cigar to be a delightful smoke. It's not remarkable in any single aspect but is overall well balanced and flavorful. I'm currently on my second box of these and will probably continue to keep these in my humidor for the foreseeable future. 4 5 1
Buena Fortuna I've been smoking some random loose cigars in my collection. Not sure when I got this but I'm sure it came in sampler from or bonus buy, but this little giant packed a lot of punch. I didn't expect it to be as full bodied as it was. Nice draw but it was tight at times and had an even burn but about 1/2-2/3 of the way the wrapper started to peal off uncontrollably and that was my only complaint.. 4 5 1
Buena Fortuna This is an interesting low cost cigar. It’s perfect in the morning with cup of Java. The burn is consistent and the draw is more than satisfactory 4 5 1
Buena Fortuna Generally I like these alot but my last purchase is rolled to tight. Kind of a disappointment. I'm sure it's just a fluke. 3 5 1
Buena Fortuna If you're an experienced Original Montecristo smoker, this 5 pack offers an outstanding alternative to the smooth, natural wrapper without compromising any of the construction or flavor. The Maduro wrapper adds a slight bit more punch and flavor. Well worth a try. Highly recommended ! 5 5 1
Buena Fortuna Smoked 5 and purchased 10 more 4 5 1

Montecristo Peruvian

Buena Fortuna 5 × 47 MXBF53

The Montecristo Peruvian Buena Fortuna Maduro is a bold square pressed premium cigar with an oily black Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This dark leaf adds a bold spicy flavor to this Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian blend smoke. Each luxurious Buena Fortuna is sleeved and placed in packs of 5.
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Connecticut Broadleaf / Habana 2000

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Honduras / Peru

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Pack of 5

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