4.0375 80
JR Plus Membership Nobody wants to pay for shipping but if you place orders more than 7 or 8 times A year it pays for itself. I place orders twice A month so its cool for me, along with some monthly club specials. Not A bad deal all in all along with JR daily specials. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership This JRPlus membership would be fine if it worked. The website does not recognize me as a member (I am paid in full) and tries to charge me for shipping every time. That and the fact that they can't seem to keep up with my orders. I've done two orders recently & they don't show anywhere. They don't return emails. I've given up on even trying to shop at JRs. That's a shame too because I'm a LONG time customer of theirs. So, JR, are you going out of business soon because this is how companies act right before that announcement? 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership I already had an account your website would not let me access it and after 6 phone calls I never got to talk to anyone 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership You can check in any time you like but you can never leave. The last year, JR has gone down the tubs. Orders fullfilled incorrectly, favorite cigars out of stock for months, a website search function that is just terrible. The JR Specials are not that special, either. Often it is very old stock with terrible reviews. Phone app is pretty much just a front end for the website. Been trying to cancel this membership for days. You can sit on indefinite hold, you can leave email messages, you can select 5 and let the next available representative contact you -- they will not get back to you. Today, I deleted all my credit card information so that they cannot bill me for auto-renew. If you don't take care of the customer.... someone else will. To paraphrase Waylon Jennings: Are You Sure Lew Done It That Way. No he didn't and, after 16 years, I am pretty much done. 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership Far and away one of the worse customer service departments I have ever dealt with. They won't answer the phone or return your e-mails. 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership Love Delicados Aromatic! Refered to my friends. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership TOO EXPENSIVE!!! 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Excellent 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership great service. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Plus is where it’s at 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership i thought i was going to get some member only specials . have no seen them. 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership Not the deal it once was, but still a savings for me. 4 5 1
JR Plus Membership I have been a JR Plus member for multiple years and just renewed my status for 59.95. Twice the amount from prior years. The JR system upgrade is a disaster! Now I must wait up to an hour to place an order as the system does not recognize me as a JR Plus member and charges for shipping. Big Inconvenience and very disappointed! 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership Great thing to get for birthday or christmas 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Customer service has declined over the last several months. Out of stock items charged with no explanation, no warning of expiration of plus account, tracking # not included with purchase confirmation. 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership What is going on? I cannot get anyone on the phone. Wait time is awful. You have a sale on the internet and I try to place an order & it never lets me send it. 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership This use to be a great deal, but not so much anymore. I will start looking for another place to buy cigars before it comes up for renewal next year. 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership Great smoke 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership That would make it much easier... 4 5 1
JR Plus Membership The no charge shipping makes Membership a fine value. I make more than enough purchases for the Membership fee to pay for itself. However, I couldn't agree more with recent reviews stating that JR has deteriorated substantially. If you win an auction, you now have to confirm by phone, you just can't pay for your purchase. If you want info on a recent purchase, it's never there under my order history. Delivered purchases are listed as not shipped. Right now Consuega bundles are suppose to be $5 off for JR Members, only they're not. For years, after every purchase, sometimes more frequently, JR would send me a code for 10% off my next purchase. They stopped last May, and my frequent emails inquiring about this are not returned. In fact JR has never responded to an email I've sent. In deals, often they will say place something like SAVE20 on a product, and when I do I get an "invalid code" response. For many years I've purchased exclusively from JR. No longer. I'm taking Smokey Robinson's mother's advice and shopping around. Oh, those videos from Nick are just so annoying. 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership I am very happy with my Plus membership. Delivery is prompt and fast. Butta Bing Butta Boom -Smoke my JR Alternatives every day--ELMOE 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Getting a little expensive. I’ll give it a year and make a decision. 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership Good because I sometimes try a 5 pack of a different smoke & don’t worry about the shipping 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership It is a good thing to have if you regularly shop with JR Cigars. The costs will pay for itself over six months if you order cigars monthly. Not worth it if you smoke only socially and smoke or use less than a 1/2 BOX a month. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Continue to have many problems ordering online. Your system cannot keep my data correctly after I have ordered thousands of dollars of product over the past 10 years. Discouraging. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership The Seconds were good. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Excellent cigar 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Use to be great, but with this never ending upgrade you win an auction , it doesn't show up or the wrong thing does. Trying to call is basically useless. Never answer or don't call back. Really just not worth the hassle or my time anymore. 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership Amazon is much, much quicker. 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership Great selling tool for avid cigar smokers...nothing like a fine cigar and not having to be concerned about how it is going to get to your home/business and not worrying about the cost of shipping....great deal !!! 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Just recently signed up for membership. Prices are good but the website is terrible. 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership Helps you save and they keep you updated with whatever is on sale that you probably wpuldnt want to miss out on . like for example they sent me a notification about unmarked cigara that cost a fortune for dirt cheap . 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership The shipping being covered is good if you go through a bunch of cigars. The special offers are sporadic as to being good. There are too many catches in them. For instance, I'll go to bed, check my email in the morning to find there was a special that was only 12 hours long and finished at 6 or 7 in the morning. Or they'll run a discount for only 1/2 hour during normal work hours, like 3 to 3:30 pm. Another example, I like JR Ultimate Cabinet 40. They'll run a special on Ultimates and the Cabinet is out of stock and no rainchecks, and that's jumping on the special early. I have had this for several years, again because of the shipping, and had it on auto renewal, but they didn't auto renew 2 years in a row. When it happened last year, they said they took care of it so it would auto renew. It didn't, then I called customer service because I went o purchase something. The representative told me she would take care of it, took the shipping charge off of my order and said everything was good. A few days later there was a good special that I did happen to catch and when I went to check out, I was being charged shipping. Customer service put me on hold, gave me the option to have someone call me, no one did. I missed a really good Montecristo special. I like variety and have numerous brands and sizes of cigars so the free shipping is good. CI and Famous do not have programs like this. 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership The Plus Membership is definitely worth the price. You get offers reserved for Plus members, and the free shipping pays for the membership cost over the course of a year. Get it! 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I was not notified of the expiration of my membership, which then led to my not noticing that I incurred shipping charges on my next order. As memberships near renewal time, a simple email reminder would be a most helpful. 4 5 1
JR Plus Membership I find i’m attached to the Rosas. I just got a ammo can full and these are good, these are 5.5 I believe. but I think I like the 6s better. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I love JR Cigar I just wish they would fix the website. Super frustrating, 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Based on my purchases this membership will pay itself within 2 months 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Love them. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Looks like you doubled the price, but didn't add any benefits $60 is too much for free shipping. looks like i'll be shopping somewhere else 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership Great value for the price 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I’ve had JR Plus for several years, but on several orders I get charged for shipping! Calls to JR usually get the charges reversed but not without calling customer service, otherwise a great idea for frequent buyers! 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership Used to cost $29.95 now $59.95!!!! My pension does NOT increase!! What about a Senior citizens discount??? I am 76 years old! 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership Excellent value. Especially if you smoke JSK. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership JR Plus definitely reduces the cost of shipping if you order frequently, which I do. One problem, though, is that they used to ship via USPS and I would receive an order about 3 days after placing it. Now they have been using UPS and it takes 7-10 days. I almost ran out of cigars a few weeks ago! 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Although I haven't tried any offers yet, this seems like a pretty good deal for the money. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Profits are good, however greed isn’t 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership I have been a member for years now. It's the way to go for regular buyers. The only suggestion I have is that you need to notify members when membership is about to expire. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Free shipping more than pays for it. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership As a regular cigar smoker, I love taking advantage of the great sales and specials I get almost daily. The JR Plus program saves me a ton on shipping and I get my orders in 24-48 hours at my home. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Always the best customer seevive 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Always great customer service. Everybody should be like this. JR Plus is definitely worth the price. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Free shipping and special deals more than makes up for cost of membership 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership over 2 weeks after a confirmed order and no cigars. no answer so far to email. never had trouble before. 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership I would love to give an excellent rating. However, I still have not received any items from JR with the membership that was purchased. When should I expect to see shipments and/or any other materials? 1 5 1
JR Plus Membership Very good cigars 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Would love to have a notice about renewal 4 5 1
JR Plus Membership Didn't get the 10 pack of Acid Blondies. Some other cigars were sent instead with no explanation. Cigars were good but I really wanted the Blondies. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Excelente 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I've only used it once. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership My household purchases about 60-120 packs of blunt cigars per month. The JR Membership is worth it for regular customers like me! And I’ll keep coming back and renewing my membership because the service is awesome! My very first order had a small issue and headquarters made the moment right immediately by sending me a whole new box of cigars. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership JR illegally charges sales tax in California on JR Plus Memberships. 2 5 1
JR Plus Membership Best products on the market 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership It's worth the money just for the free shipping!! Especially if you want to participate in the auction platforms. To know that it's always free even for a $10 five pack is a relief. No worries about trying to get to a certain dollar amount for free shipping. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership If you order often, this membership pays for itself fairly quickly. All my orders ship free, and the shipping has been quick. They've had a few JR Plus only deals posted, they didn't appeal to me, YET, but they did look like pretty good deals for those that liked the sticks that were offered. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership So many great deals and discounts sometimes too hard to resist! Free shipping with JR membership totally worth it too! 4 5 1
JR Plus Membership The JR Plus membership is a great deal for anyone who enjoys a moderate+ quantity of cigars per year. It saves me a ton of shipping costs as I tend to take advantage of small quantities as in 5 & 10 packs as they come on special or the mood strikes rather than full boxes. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Well worth the money for free shipping, I personally order at least once a month. Cigar selection is second to none, I like the Maria Mancini’s, been smoking them for years, quality cigar, smooth draw, great taste and smell, highly recommend. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership Great deal 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership I think I was over charged 20.00 or so by buying the AVO special for 29.00 and was charged 49.00 or so. That I didn’t like but I like the postage free thing. Mike Dunn 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I mostly get it for the free shipping. It pays for itself. Although, the membership used to automatically renew. I had to pay shipping on my last order because it didn't auto renew. 4 5 1
JR Plus Membership great 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership JR plus membership is a great deal, especially if you don’t have a shop near you. You can buy samplers and 5 packs to try them out 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I’m a regular user (multi-box per month) of JR Cigars. Up until last summer I used them exclusively for my supply. (+/- 100 cigars per month). The supply was great, the prices fair and delivery beat everyone else. Since last summer the supply has been narrowed, the prices still competitive but the website/app has been a complete disaster. I have been on the phone with them multiple times and gotten all sorts of apologies and promises but it remains a shadow of what it once was. The deliveries are now just like most others - they NEVER meet expectations. In the past they ALWAYS exceeded expectations. I still use them but since there does not seem to be any advantages - delivery/price/convenience, I shop around. 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership A more affordable way to buy cigars. Great deals and offers all the time. 3 5 1
JR Plus Membership JUST, TOP OF THE LINE SERVICE !! 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership I've tried them all folks, and NO Cigar Company can beat JR Cigar's freshness, quality and price. Then with their membership, everything SHIPS FREE. With only 8 orders a year, it pays for itself, but there's MORE. Specials, auctions, flash sales, etc. Just the BEST for all Cigar Aficionado's out there! v/r Gunny 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership It has me smoking one right after the first, it’s that good 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership GOOD DEAL! 5 5 1
JR Plus Membership This sampler is a great way for customers to get aqquainted with this exceptional line. I've bought this sampler before, and smoked my favorite sizes first (Behike#6, Sublime). Only to find that I don't have a favorite. It's all about how much time I have. I have a humidimeter, and as always these cigars arrived in perfect condition. No broken wrappers, and perfect humidification. This time I started with the Edmundo, right out of the box. It was fantastic. Enjoy... 5 5 1

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