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Corona Every once in a while I try an old favorite which has fallen out of favor and see if it's gotten any better. These are an example. If you read my review from 2015 they were one of my favorites. Sadly as time went on they deteriorated in quality until I gave them up. They have not improved since I last tried them about two years ago they have gotten worse. Despite the cool packaging with the sheets of cedar these are poor cigars. They arrive wet require long drybox time burn poorly don't stay lit and taste lousy. The creamy sweetness has been replaced by a typical cheap cigar taste. Sad. 2 5 1
Corona On the pre draw we have notes of white pepper fresh grass and citrus zest. Once lit I tasted notes of black bepper sea salt and leather. Not too bad! 4 5 1
Corona Sadly these are not as good as they were two years ago when I reviewed them. They still burn very well and taste OK but they no longer have the creamy sweetness they once did. Still an OK smoke for the price. 3 5 1
Corona This Dominican version is a typical Jose Martin. As good an inexpensive smoke as you can get. The wrapper is really an EMS which is better than their natural 5 5 1
Corona Used to like these. But in the last few purchases something about the quality has changed. Quite a few plugged hard to light and keep lit. 2 5 1
Corona Uneven burn draws ok -not great tastes awful (grassy spice) 2 5 1
Corona A decent middle-of-the-road smoke. Not great...not horrible. It draws good due to its lighter compaction but then it smokes quicker too. 4 5 1
Corona very nice cigar will buy again 5 5 1
Corona good everyday mild cigar 4 5 1
Corona Pretty nice for the money. A couple were a little tight and hard to light. 4 5 1
Corona Just okay 2 5 1
Corona I was pleasantly surprised at the construction of this cigar. The flavor was pretty good too. Especially for the price! This could be my daily cigar. 3 5 1
Corona Decent smoke for the money. Good draw and construction but the after taste is a bit harsh. 3 5 1
Corona Nice way to start the day with a mild yet creamy and delish stogie. Get it - you won't regret it! 5 5 1
Corona One of my favorite bargain sticks. Good flavor and slow burner. Well worth the money. Would reccomend this as a good everyday stick. 3 5 1
Corona Smooth and consistent. Mild but with a bit of spice. A good everyday smoke. The price can't be beat so I'll buy again. 4 5 1
Corona A long-time favorite of mine. Has a mild body a creamy and spicy flavor and excellent construction. The ten-pack bundle is a nice option too. A very nice cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Corona Impressive quality and taste for the price. Nothing too fruity or spicy but nice wrapper and leather notes for EMS. 4 5 1
Corona Head collapses while cutting. 5 5 1
Corona When I have the time to sit back and relax and enjoy an expensive cigar I do. However, when I am doing the things I have to do and want to enjoy a decent smoke I smoke these cigars. They are constructed well and burn nicely. The flavor is everything I expect from a Dominican cigar. Well worth the price. 4 5 1
Corona When you don’t have a lot of time but want a good quality cigar this is a good one! Draw was very good, construction is solid and taste is mild! Will purchase again! 4 5 1
Corona Smooth smoke burns good no tough draws. 4 5 1
Corona Never again! 2 5 1
Corona Good cigar for the price 5 5 1
Corona These are a favorite of mine for a long time...They are my go to cigar and have never let me down...These are a mellow/mild cigar and are so well made as to put many higher priced cigars to shame...Reliable and consistent not only from cigar to cigar, but also bundle to bundle...No soft spots ever, great burn and with JR Super Sale pricing I stocked up...You should too... 5 5 1
Corona Nice consistent burn. Constructed well. Smokes great. Earthy. Great price. 4 5 1
Corona It is in excellent Cigar, with a reasonable price? 4 5 1
Corona FLAVOR 2 5 1
Corona This Jose Marti Corona cigar is my every day smoke. I smoke several of these a day and the tase stays the same all day. They are constructed well, and I have never had a problem keeping them lit. The price is very reasonable, and the quality and flavor of this cigar is more than satisfying. I think you would agree that it a great buy for someone that smokes more than a few sticks a day. Mickey 5 5 1
Corona Good cigar 4 5 1
Corona Suprised by it. So much flavour and aroma through out. Bought them in discount. Would like to age'em more. 5 5 1
Corona Ample flavor, great construction leading to a great draw and burn. These gars are not your show pony type offering, but rather your work horse stick.... Reliable, Consistent, Enjoyable. Now to the value point of view. I bought these on a whim for the free lighter they were offering. In my opinion, there are very few cigars that are this nice for the $$ I spent to acquire them. If you factor the quality vs money spent these are fantastic. 5 5 1
Corona Got them for a great price and a tasty cigar for a low budget dude. 4 5 1
Corona Good Stick!! It goes to show you don’t have to spend a boat load for a quality stick. Must have if like mild body with your cup of joe. 4 5 1
Corona Nice mild morning smoke if you like Coronas. Good draw burn goes off here or there, touch up & away you go. 4 5 1
Corona These draw too easy. Like someone hollowed out the core with a coat hanger. I don't know if that caused me to smoke too quick or if it also was a little too heavy, but I didn't enjoy this. Construction wrapper had some bare/thin spots that looked like green mold on bread--to be clear it was NOT mold, just thin spots were the outer wrapper was worn through. Noticed this before taking out of plastic sheath. Basically not my type of flavor or heaviness (ok, to each their own) but draw was awful and construction a little off-putting. Even if I liked the flavor and body, the draw alone ruined it. Unejoyable. 3 5 1
Corona Not sure what’s going on at JR’s humidor but the last 5 orders I’ve gotten over past month have had Boveda packs that are died to rock hard. Cigars have been mostly salvageable so far but they’re gonna have a lot of ruined stock and returns soon as these cigars become unsavable in time. 2 5 1
Corona Very nice mild smoke that won’t break the bank. Even better if you get them on a great JR sale. 4 5 1

Jose Marti Dominican

Corona 5.50 × 43 JMC

Masterfully handcrafted in the Dominican tradition with unparalleled expertise, the Jose Marti Dominican Corona is a true beauty. Plus it’s delivers a sleek finish with just the right amount of sweetness. Defined with premium Dominican long fillers and a smooth Dominican binder, the delectable Corona is then dressed in a Connecticut Shade wrapper for a lovely, satisfying smoke from start to finish. Available in convenient bundles of 10, we recommend you fill that extra space in your humidor with these bad boys. You won’t regret it.
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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


Bundle of 10

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