4.6521739130434785 23
Kuba Kuba 2.0 I know most people are not fans of flavored type cigars, but I must say this is a great change up. 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 I love almost everything Drew estate makes kuba kuba is my favorite simply one of the finest best cigars made wish I could afford them all the time 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Flavor sweet 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Amazing! This is the 1st time smoking these bad boys! Love em! 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 The Kuba Kuba is my favorite of the Drew Estates infused cigars. I haven't tried them all yet, 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Great Cigar 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Got a great discount on this 10 pack with a bonus also. Shipped quickly. Cigar is very good. 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Got a great deal plus a bonus. Fast shipping. Cigar is a fantastic flavor. 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 There's a nice, even tobacco flavor, medium strength running beneath and balancing out the sweetness of this infused smoke. I don't know if they're worth the $10 bucks a stick some want, but they are a bargain if you catch them on sale. Every one of the 20 or so I smoked so far left me wishing they were longer. I'd love a Churchill Kuba Kuba 2.0! 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Nice deal on a very good cigar 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 I loved my recent purchase. Great draw and smoke. 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Nutty and spices through out great draw. Flavored leaf at start A must 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 One of my go to cigars for the golf course. They burn well and have a great “sweet” taste. I enjoy the mild/smooth burn. Highly recommended! 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Definitely not an everyday smoke, but a great change of pace to your normal smokes. Super fast shipping as well! 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 One of my favs in the DE line. Well constructed, good burn, a sweet herbal treat. If you catch the ten packs on sale, go for it - you won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Years ago a friend of mine suggested this cigar and I thought he was nuts. Blasphemy to smoke a flavored cigar! How could it ever compare to a great why bother? He insisted and I relented. Fortunately, I did and have been a fane ever since. The conosueirs can describe them better than me. They are well built..consistant. Not too tight and never too loose. Flavor is a treat like that once a year cognac or mega buck single malt scotch. Fills your mouth with a nice taste which doesn't gag you with aftertaste when you're done. Very relaxing to sit and watch the sunset while smoking. Not a cigar to puff on whilst working. 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 It’s very sweet but once you get past that the smoke is great, good burn, nice chocolaty taste with a hint of espresso. 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 ONE OF MY TOP FOUR SMOKES 4 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Really enjoy this cigar - flavor lasts throughout the whole smoke 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Sweet! 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 The Kuba Kuba Acid is a excellent smoke if you’re looking for a smooth medium smoke. Not too strong and not too light. Goes well with my Basil Hayden Dark Rye! 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 Really good 5 5 1
Kuba Kuba 2.0 If you have never had one buy just one to try! These are different. Not for me but to each their own. The cigar is fantastically made draws great and lasts! But is it sweet to the lips!! So very sweet! 4 5 1


Kuba Kuba 2.0 5 × 54 AC2KK

The Acid Kuba Kuba is one of the most popular flavor infused lines from Drew Estate, and this Acid 2.0 10 Count Box showcases these 5 x54 ring beauties in all their glory. The Acid 2.0 starts with a stunning golden-brown Sumatra wrapper, and a signature blend of premium Nicaraguan binder and long fillers grown on the prestigious La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate factory located in Estelí. Then, each liga is infused with Acid’s signature blend of botanicals, herbal oils, and spices, and set to rest for additional aging. The cigars are medium in strength, and oozing with unique and enticing notes of dried fruit, cedar, brown sugar, leather, earth, black cherry, and a rich tobacco sweetness on the finish. The highly collectible and artfully decorated tin not only adds plenty of visual appeal, it also provides crush proof transportation. Whether you’re a diehard Acid fan, or an adventurous smoker looking to expand your palate, you’ll want to add these beauties from Drew Estate to your next JR Cigar order.
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