Espinosa Maduro

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So how did Mr.Espinosa make a follow-up-to his famous 90-rated Habano blend?  He employed a dark oily Mexican maduro wrapper that is so pretty that you will want to admire it as much as you will want to smoke it.  But there’s more to this beauty than meets the eye.  Hidden under this box-pressed chocolate colored exterior, looms an all-star lineup of bold-Nicaraguan fillers that are hand selected for their quality, balance, and flavor.  Upon lighting, prepare to have your taste buds coated with a blast of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and spice followed by a nice hint of sweetness that remains throughout.  Is your mouth watering yet?  Well, it only gets better!  Because these core flavors pick up in intensity as the cigar warms up.  And between puffs, the sweet nutty, almost graham cracker like aroma will satiate your soul.  Order a box today, because we are sure that you will love the Espinosa Maduro as much as we do.

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