Avo Uvezian 88
Limited Edition

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When Avo Uvezian, founder of Avo Cigars, turned 88, his company honored him deeply with the Avo Uvezian 88 Limited Edition. Released in a striking piano packaging (88 keys on a piano), this Dominican puro is as extraordinary as the Uvezian’s honorable, long-lasting career.

The Avo Limited Edition blend features an intriguing mix of Dominican Piloto Cubano and San Vicente tobacco, dressed with a Dominican Olor and Criollo binder, and finished with an exotic Dominican Yamasa wrapper. This flawless combination creates a complex taste dominated by natural tobacco flavors, accompanied by hints of chocolate, savory pepper and a pleasant earthiness. For a true cigar lover, it doesn’t get much better.

For this special edition Avo Uvezian cigar, only 8,888 boxes of 16 are set to be released. If you are serious about your cigars, fill your humidor today before these beauties sell out.
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