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Avo Cigars may typically be known for being smooth and mellow, but Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigars are a vibrant display of richness and complexity. Avo Cigars were created by the famous jazz musician Avo Uvezian in 1987, and he has the same approach to blending premium cigars as he does to creating music. The tobaccos in every blend need to compliment each other and build to something more than the sum of their parts.

That is the core of the inspiration behind the Syncro Nicaragua. This is the first Avo blend to use top-quality tobaccos from the fertile soils of Nicaragua’s volcanic island of Ometepe, paired with aged Dominican and Peruvian long fillers. Joined by a thick Dominican binder and an exceptionally dark Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the blend synchronizes to create a rich, complex smoke unlike any other Avo cigar in the lineup.

Avo Syncro Nicaragua is also the first in the Avo lineup to feature vitolas with a box press. With each puff, a balanced and hearty medium-full bodied bouquet of peppery spice, cedar, leather, roasted nuts, and cream will play a symphony on your palate, and the box press on each cigar further marries and resonates the flavors. If you want to learn more about this cigar, check out our Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigar review on the Blending Room!

Available in three popular sizes and offered in either boxes of 20, packs of 5, or as individual sticks, your humidor is incomplete without some of these flavorful gems sitting pretty. Order Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigars online from JR Cigar today!

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