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Quickly becoming a cult classic and a favorite of aficionados across the country after its release in 2013, Leaf by Oscar Cigars are certain to please your palate as well as your eyes. What makes Leaf by Oscar Cigars special, aside from its quartet of deliciously good blends that can please any palate, is each and every cigar is covered in a tobacco leaf instead of cellophane for a unique and attractive visual appeal.

Leaf by Oscar Cigars are the brainchild of famous master blender Oscar Valladares and cigar purveyor “Island” Jim Robinson. The brand was initially sold exclusively through Robinson’s Pittsburgh cigar stores and started with a 5,000-cigar production run, and the cigars sold out within a month with several other retailers asking if they could sell them too.

“Island” Jim and Oscar quickly got to work setting up distribution channels for the eye-catching treats, and soon Leaf by Oscar Cigars started showing up in retailers across the country. The exceptionally creative packaging intrigued aficionados, while the top-quality blending and flavors kept them coming back for more. Today, Leaf by Oscar Cigars are some of the most popular boutique cigars on the market!

Each blend in the Leaf by Oscar Cigars lineup starts with a core of masterfully aged Honduran long filler and binder tobaccos. There are four core blends under the Leaf by Oscar umbrella with each blend boasting a different top-quality wrapper, and the leaf surrounding each cigar in lieu of cellophane is the same as the wrapper that adorns each cigar.

Starting with the most mellow of the bunch, Leaf by Oscar Connecticut cigars deliver a smooth and balanced smoking experience. They wear a unique Honduran Connecticut wrapper to provide mellow-medium bodied flavors of creamy coffee, baking spices, caramel, and toasted almonds that will please your palate no matter your experience level.

Surrounding the Leaf by Oscar Sumatra is a top-quality Sumatra wrapper grown in the misty mountains of Ecuador. The rich, nutty wrapper combines with the Honduran core to deliver a balanced and rich medium-bodied medley of espresso, white pepper, roasted nuts, and earth with every puff.

Featuring a gorgeous Corojo wrapper grown in Honduras, Leaf by Oscar Corojo cigars have the richness and flavor of Corojo without overwhelming the palate. You can expect a surprisingly smooth yet flavorful and vibrant mellow-medium bodied smoke brimming with flavors of spices, espresso, roasted nuts, cream, and hints of a floral sweetness.

For a rich and bold medium-full bodied experience, Leaf by Oscar Maduro cigars will be right up your alley. Its dusky and sweet Nicaraguan Jalapa maduro wrapper joins a zesty and earthy Honduran core to conjure complex flavors of dark chocolate, white pepper, mocha, honey, and oak.

To celebrate 10 years of Leaf by Oscar Cigars pleasing connoisseurs the world over, the Leaf by Oscar 10th Anniversary blend was added to the lineup of top-rated blends. It boasts a beautiful Honduran Criollo wrapper grown on the La Florida Jamastran farm, summing up to a rich and complex medium-full bodied mosaic of black pepper, earth, cinnamon, leather, and a smooth, creamy finish.

Each blend comes in a variety of popular sizes and come packaged in no-frills bundles of 10 or 20, making them the perfect addition to any smoker’s humidor. See why Leaf by Oscar Cigars have become a cult favorite across the country by ordering your favorite size and blend online with JR Cigar today!

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