Leaf by Oscar 10th Anniversary cigars celebrate the brands first milestone decade of producing some of bestselling boutique style cigars on the market. The original Leaf by Oscar line was created by “Island” Jim Robinson and Oscar Valladares as a house cigar for his Leaf & Bean stores in Pittsburgh, Pa., but through word of mouth the brand quickly gained a national following both for its unique packaging that used a tobacco leaf to cover each cigar, as well its ability to deliver extraordinary flavor and immaculate construction for an affordable price. Oscar Valladares has a deep love for the nation of Honduras and has a profound knowledge of growing, harvesting, and blending Honduran tobacco, so he created Leaf By Oscar 10th Anniversary cigars using nothing but top-quality Honduran tobaccos for the entire blend. The cigars key ingredient showcases a beautiful dark and oily Honduran criollo-seed wrapper grown on the La Florida Jamastran farm, whose perfect amount of rain and sunshine produce a supple, thick, leaf with a distinctively rich flavor profile. Leaf By Oscar 10th Anniversary provides a robust medium-to full bodied experience by offering remarkably rich flavors of earth, black pepper, leather, and cinnamon, before a creamy smooth finish. Join this special celebration in a very flavorful way, by ordering a box of Leaf By Oscar 10th Anniversary from JR Cigar today.
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