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Lancero I've been smoking Cigars for over 10 Yrs. I've Made it MyObession To STUDY Cigars (I'M No Expert by any Means).. To be Honest I've only smoked the Lancero( I like this Size) in CIGAR, Why ,I Just Do.It's SO SMOOTH THAT I COULD NOT BELIVE IT WAS LIT 'Yet it has The Best Draw, Great Burn ( NO RELITES ) The Coffee Favor is SWEET and the Chocolate is Outstanding Due to its Dark Flavor, I even Tasted PLUM & one other Floral I'M NOt SURE WHAT IT IS But I Know I Loved It. I GIVE IT A 4.7 out of 5. Can,t wait to try OSCAR's Other Sizes. I Hope you Enjoy it as Much as I did. I ONLY SMOKE MADURO CIGARS. Max Of JOGI RANCH 5 5 1

Leaf by Oscar Maduro

Lancero 7 × 38 LOMAL

At first glance the Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero looks quite ugly, however, once you remove the shoddy piece of tobacco leaf used as cellophane, you’ll find a flawlessly rolled premium cigar covered by an oily, seamless, very dark brown wrapper. The long and lean Lancero is a sweet-smelling Honduran puro that offers smooth mellow to medium body flavors of chocolate, coffee, cedar, and some subtle floral components.

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Nicaraguan Jalapa




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