Leaf by Oscar Cigars

July 16, 2019

More than just another extraordinarily fine line of small-batch cigars, Leaf by Oscar cigars revolutionized the premium industry with its unique, and highly innovative packaging. At first glance, you would say that Leaf is the ugliest stick on the planet, however, once you remove the shoddy piece of tobacco leaf that’s used instead of cellophane, you will discover perfectly rolled cigars with stunning, seamless, and oily wrappers. This tobacco leaf casing serves the purpose of ensuring maximum freshness and better aging by allowing the cigars to breathe.

The original Leaf by Oscar cigar first put its now-famous creator Oscar Valladares on the map. This inaugural blend featured a classic recipe that includes a silky Honduran wrapper paired with the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. With its top-notch construction, distinctive packaging,  and rich medium to full-bodied flavors of smoky wood, salted pretzel, white pepper, and creamy caramel, this one-of-a-kind blend was an instant smash hit among industry experts and the general cigar smoking community alike!

leaf by oscar

Riding on the heels of its instant success, the Leaf by Oscar line now includes the Connecticut wrapped series that’s made with the mellow to medium-bodied cigar enthusiast in mind.  Its complex nuances of sweet tobacco, coffee, cedar, and subtle hints of spice are easygoing and satisfying from beginning to end.

Leaf by Oscar Corojo cigars, another smooth morning blend, provides the cigar aficionado with lush mellow to medium-bodied flavors of toasted almonds, coffee, cream, some floral tones, and subtle hints of mocha.

Named for its pristine golden-brown Indonesian wrapper, the Leaf by Oscar Sumatra cigar is filled with the finest aged Honduran binder and long-fillers. hearty notes of red pepper, earth, leather, roasted peanuts, and a long creamy finish, provide a delightful indulgence for medium to full-bodied cigar fans.

Covered by an oily dark brown Honduran wrapper, Leaf by Oscar Maduro cigars are filled with top-quality Honduran binder and fillers. Discerning Maduro cigar fans will savor a heady medium to a full-bodied mix of chocolate, coffee, spices, and brown sugar, punctuated with a long creamy finish.

As you can see, Leaf by Oscar cigars have the perfect blend for smokers of all experience levels and taste preferences, so why not pick your favorite style and find it for yourself why the entire Leaf series is one of the hottest selling brands on the market today.




Leaf by Oscar Connecticut



Leaf by Oscar Corojo



Leaf by Oscar Maduro



Leaf by Oscar Sumatra




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