This Cigar 5-Packs by Strength page was designed to help you narrow down your choices between mellow, mellow-to medium, medium, medium-to full, and full bodied premium cigars. Strength describes the nicotine level in the cigar. The more nicotine in the tobacco, the stronger the cigar. Some premium cigar smokers gradually move up in strength as their tolerance for nicotine increases, while others just find their perfect strength right out of the gate. Then, there are those smokers who thoroughly enjoy a variety of premium cigars with various strength and flavor profiles. Its not uncommon for someone to enjoy a mellow bodied Macanudo in the morning, followed by a medium bodied Romeo y Julieta at noon time , and then ending the day with a full bodied Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez cigar right before bedtime. Whichever strength or variety of strengths that you prefer, Our Cigar 5-Packs by Strength selection is the most affordable way to either keep a variety of cigars to choose from in your humidor, share with friends, or try a new brand before investing in a costlier box.
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