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Established in 1888 in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, Villiger has been a famous name in the world of machine-made cigars for several generations. Still headquartered in Pfeffikon today, Villiger was founded by Jean Villiger in his home where he first began cigar making. It was around this time that the iconic Villiger Kiel was brought to the market with its iconic mouthpiece.

Among the oldest of the Villiger brands, Villiger Kiel is also one of the most popular. They feature choice Cuban-seed tobacco all dressed in a toothy Sumatra wrapper, providing a smooth mellow-medium bodied smoke brimming with flavor.

Over the years, Villiger Cigars grew and would eventually reach international prominence. Today, along with several premium handmade brands, Villiger is still among the most popular machine-made brands in Europe, and quickly gaining a foothold here in the United States.

For a long and thin European-style smoke, Villiger Braniff is what you are looking for. Crafted in a slim 4.63x21 size and come in your choice of either Mexican or Brazilian maduro wrapper. These slender smokes will provide you with rich medium-bodied flavors that can be enjoyed on brief smoke breaks when time is fleeting.

Rounding out the machine-made offerings from Villiger Cigars is the Villiger Export, a multi-blend line of box-pressed beauties that are sure to please your palate. Crafted in a smaller 4x37 size, Villiger Export features dry-cured Cuban-seed tobaccos at the core wrapped in a top-quality Sumatra, Brazilian, or Brazilian Maduro cover leaf.

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