4.4523809523809526 42
Natural The Natural has a more subdued taste than the Maduro. I've smoked both and will buy both favoring the Natural flavor. 5 5 1
Natural Always consistent. Full flavor to the end. Great smoke for on the bike! Easy to carry and cup from the wind. 4 5 1
Natural Great everyday smoke 5 5 1
Natural Not a bad cigar for what it is. It's a quick machine made smoke that is easy to work with in 20 minutes or so. Tastes fine and is cheap but world's away from the Swisher Sweets category. Nice yard or commute cigar. 4 5 1
Natural Love these little box pressed gems...worth the pricecalone if I didn't win an auction 4 5 1
Natural I mostly smoke the Maduro version of these but change to these just to keep from getting bored after about 100 or so of the Maduro. These seem to be a bit stronger and richer - but are a little short on the friendly flavor of the Maduro version. I have never been disappointed by these - ever - and I used these to quit cigarettes. I consider the Villiger dry cured cigars in this line to be the ultimate cigarette for a nicotine freak - and they can give you a nicotine fix - but instead of feeling like you lost part of a lung the next morning - I have never felt any ill effects even when chain smoking (I inhale) about 20 of these babies the previous evening. 4 5 1
Natural These Villager cigars are a really nice smoke-well made -box pressed-easy draw and stay lit-I got these on a jr auction. These are mild cigars each one is individually wrapped in paper-about a 20 minute smoke-try them you will enjoy them- 4 5 1
Natural This is a good smoke for about 25 minutes. Nothing fancy lacks the depth of flavors that a premium stick brings but nothing offensive either. Good consistency and draw. Doesn't require humidification. 4 5 1
Natural A consistent good smoke for the everyday smoker. 4 5 1
Natural Pleasant. Not strong, not mild, just right. 5 5 1
Natural These little Villagers are good as a quickie little smoke when you just have a few minutes. They are also good if you have a friend that isn't really a smoker but wants to join you for a smoke. 4 5 1
Natural The Villiger Export Natural is my my go-to cigar for a short smoke. It’s reliably flavorful and consistently made. It‘s medium sized, on the milder side, so you can enjoy it when you don’t have time for a session smoke. It’s dry cured, which makes it easy to store. I keep some in my cars and they’re always fresh when I pull them out of the glove box. As Ron’s Corner from Serious Cigars says: This would be considered a full flavor smoke that is more on the mild to medium bodied side. The construction is solid, and is a bit veiny and oily. It is filled with a Havana blend of natural leaf tobacco. The pre-light flavor is very peppery, with woody notes. The first third is more of a coffee flavor than the pepper and wood flavors noted in the pre-light draw. During the second third, the peppery flavor is stronger, along with some herbal notes in the background. The final third is still full flavored with peppery and woody notes. The burn was even unto the end. 5 5 1
Natural Consistent, short and full of flavour. 5 5 1
Natural dry cured, put in humidor to rest for 2 weeks, very good smoke for about a buck, after lighting it settles into a aromatic and flavorful treat with believe it or not a pleasing fragrance of sweet well composted manure,( I am a gardener) 4 5 1
Natural This is a flavourful everyday little cigar. It's a good 20 minute smoke when on the go. 4 5 1
Natural I've smoked these for several years and will always keep them handy. They are square pressed and significantly larger than the tinned cigars, making them better for work or travel. they are all natural tobacco and they have good, consistent flavor. They cost a bit more than the backwoods brand but they are the best value in a small all tobacco cigar that is readily available. 5 5 1
Natural No need for a humidor. That's a huge plus since I don't have one nor do I miss having one. I use Tupperware for premium cigars and i don't keep a large supply of those. Admittedly it's a pain to have to remember when i need to wet a paper towel or open the top to balance humidity. I still enjoy larger smokes but am pleased with these no worry air dried cigars. Flavor draw and construction are top notch for what it is. I keep both versions maduro and natural on hand at home and in the car. Very convenient knowing the cigars don't need a humidor. Have tried other brands but these Villigers are the best. 5 5 1
Natural These are well made and easy drawing cigars. And they're tasty 'lil sticks. Twenty minutes of real smoking pleasure. Notes of swiss chocolate. Buy em you'll like em. 4 5 1
Natural Very very nice easiest drawl ever and great flavor and no need for a cut about a 30 min burn highly recommended 5 5 1
Natural Excellent 15 minute smoke. Surprisingly flavorful. I'll be buying more. They are like a snack. I have a feeling I'll be going through them quickly. 4 5 1
Natural If you are looking for a quick smoke with vitality and flavor here it is. I have found this brand to be solid from large ring to small. 5 5 1
Natural Love the draw smooth & mild. A good cigar for women!!! 5 5 1
Natural Great little Mighty Mouse cigar for mid-morning smoke. Box pressed with beautiful wrapper. Finely constructed excellent draw medium body good taste. Relax and enjoy one with Turkish or Irish coffee. 4 5 1
Natural Wonderful little cigar great ring size; just the thing for a quick trip to the store; glad this size is still available 5 5 1
Natural I have been buying the Villager Export from JR for over 20 years. Lately they have been on back order. What's the problem? 4 5 1
Natural I first smoked Villiger Export cigars over 14 years ago. I still had one left in my JR leather Villiger cigar holder when I recently received a new supply. Same great taste between the 14 year old Villiger cigar and the fresh cigars that arrived last week! 5 5 1
Natural This is so much better than any other cigarillo available. Any one of the wrappers gives good, smooth flavor with good construction. It's a great value on a small short filler cigar. 5 5 1
Natural Villager Export in natural or maduro is my go-to smoke. It is the perfect sized, boxed pressed stick for a short smoke. The consistency has been amazing for over two years now. You will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
Natural Great little cigar which I have enjoyed during 40 years 5 5 1
Natural Live in a very rural area, frosts end in May, begin in Sept- lots of bugs between. Only smoke during bug season- Villiger Exports are great at keeping bugs at bay. Taste is good with a touch of nuttiness, smoke is adequate, consistent burning, They make being outside tolerable in the bugs, probably that is a left handed comment. My favorite bug smokes are Partagas Shorts, a forbidden fruit in my area. Like Padron #35 a lot also, beyond my budget for bugs. Would like Exports that are about an inch longer, tried the Premiums, Like Exports better. Have half a dozen boxes ready to go. 5 5 1
Natural Surprisingly nice cigar, mild/medium with a great Sunatran wrapper - which I think is it's best feature. Approx. 35 min smoke . Worth having in your stash for whenever. 5 5 1
Natural This machine made cigar lights easily, burns evenly and fast, but one big problem that keeps is from me giving it over all 5 star rating is the bitterness of the taste that takes quite a bit of getting used to. This is probably the fastest smoking little cigar you may ever smoke. 3 5 1
Natural Excellent taste 5 5 1
Natural The Villiger Smokes a little fast & hot. Good flavor & a consistent Smoke. Wrapper tends to come lose routinely. All around not a bad Smoke. Just not the best..... Good for the money 4 5 1
Natural Very good small cigar 5 5 1
Natural ...chopped filler, machine rolled in a natural wrapper. The flavor is flat and lacking complexity. If you like cigars, don't bother. If you just want something to smoke, you might like them. 3 5 1
Natural Expect a 15 minute smoke; has a fairly complex taste for a machine made; smoke them around half way and toss with no regrets. 4 5 1
Natural This cigar burns even and tastes very mellow. Would not expect a stong flavor.......so this hits the spot. Will buy again. 5 5 1
Natural these are good little smokes esp. now that weather is getting cold. like the green box better but are good when you don't have a ton of time. 4 5 1
Natural This Machine Cigars is tops for consistency. Get a Quick Hit, with convenience. They don't require humid storage and last forever. I always throw a few of these in my shirt pocket when going somewhere that doesn't allow smoking. Step outside and get a Quick Hit of enjoyment. Not a premium but so what. I wish they were a little cheaper 4 5 1
Natural I have been buying these for years and love them. A great 15 minute smoke when you don't have the time for a larger cigar. They taste great, all the way down to the nub. I give them to newbies as I know they will like them too and not be intimidated by a larger cigar. I love the fact you don't have to worry about a humidor. 5 5 1
Natural I like flat pressed cigars. They burn well and are pretty smooth. 4 5 1

Villiger Export

Natural 4 × 37 VKE25

Villiger Export Natural cigars are very popular little European dry-cured smokes with Havana-style taste and character. Machine made in Switzerland with the finest select Cuban-seed tobaccos, this is a delicious square pressed cigarillo brimming with mellow to medium body flavors of cocoa, spice, earth, toast, and cream. Available in affordable boxes of 25, Export Natural cigars will become your ideal cup of coffee companion.

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Natural Tobacco Leaf


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