4.3125 16
Maduro I find this cigar a bit on the strong side. Everything else is superior. I like the Parodi Kings. They have a more subdued taste compared to the Export. Also the tip is more rigid and firmer Less loose tobacco pieces to spit out. The Parodi does not hold its flavor near the end as well as the Export and the Export stays lit better than the Parodi with less relighting. The Parodi is a much better chewing cigar. 4 5 1
Maduro Great flavor. Excellent for a 15 minute smoke. Consistent wrapper. Did I already say really surprised. I've already recommended them to a couple buddies. 4 5 1
Maduro They are what they are. Small tart and quick! So if it is too cold and you want to step out for a brief moment this fits the bill. 4 5 1
Maduro My only issue with this cigar is consistency. The issue of consistency is variations between the course cut of the tobacco and very slight variations between the density of packing. In every case the cigar delivers perfect flavor and magnificent smoke that suffers no bitterness or harshness - but when the tobacco is too fine or packed to tightly - the draw is still okay - but causes the cigar to lose significant potency. For some reason I have only had this problem with the Maduro version - and the naturals have never been off in any way (so far). Even at their worst extreme in variation - this is still my favorite go to cigar because I am satisfied from the first puff to the last - and I can fit in a smoke without it being an extended time. The other point in favor of this cigar that distinguishes it from many others is if you go to your front porch - don't finish it - and either leave it to go out - or put it in a metal snuffer tube - it is the best cigar I have ever smoked bar none - when it comes to re-lighting. The only other cigar I have ever smoked that comes close to tasting good after re-lighting is most Padron cigars - and one other cigar in particular called LA TRAVIATA - but even these are significantly inferior when re-lit compared to the Villiger. Understand these cigars are inexpensive and very short on complexity like premium cigars - but make up for it by being rich in Cuban flavor - and of sufficient potency to really satisfy a nicotine addict. To me - they are the ultimate substitute for a cigarette - and I don't think of them as cigars as much as a cigarette made in heaven. 4 5 1
Maduro I give this product the highest rating for what it is. It is a dry cigar that has no defect in flavor and the flavor is clearly Cuban. Despite being strong for smokers who prefer extremely mild cigars - every person I have ever offered this cigar to - no matter what smoking preference always says These are good!. My mother was a chain smoker during her pregnancy with me and my first desire as an infant was to smoke. I have been smoking since the age of 3 and became a chain smoker at the age of 7. They warned me it would stunt my growth - well - I am glad it did as I weigh over 365 pounds - ran my first mile in high school (I weighed far less at that time) in 4 minutes and 25 seconds and would frequently jog while inhaling a cigar. In power lifting my best dead lift was over 1500 pounds. I notice health problems whenever I smoke a cigarette - but have chain smoked cigars for years (I inhale) and only notice shortness of breath from cigarettes - not cigars. These are my favorite apart from very expensive Cuban cigars - and if budget was not an issue - the only thing I like better is a Cuban that cost about 25 bucks per cigar. 4 5 1
Maduro Thank-you villiger for putting these out. I live where the winters are cold and I work in the retail industry side with cigars so to admit I smoke a machine rolled cigar takes u know what. These maduro's are the best imo just enough sweetness and the Cuban seed tobacco mesh perfectly. Again great for a quick smoke or when your out side freezing your u know what off. The Brazilian are good when ur palette is looking for that flavor. Less than a 1$ ea u can't lose. My store sells a box for 84.99 4 5 1
Maduro This is a great option for a quick smoke. 20-25 minutes easy on the palate. Doesn't need humidification. Compared to the Natural the Maduro is a bit sweeter and a bit less spicy for an overall milder effect. 4 5 1
Maduro I was really surprised at the flavor that I got out of this cigar its small compact expertly made with a great taste this is something you really need for a quick smoke 3 5 1
Maduro FANTASTIC little smoke. Inexpensive short smoke full of flavor. 5 5 1
Maduro A great cigar for a mchine made POS that has a cardboard wrapper! Seriously tihs is way better than the other company's sweet perfecto. Draw is very easy with lots of smoke. Construction seems to be fine with a razor sharp burn throughout. Flavor does take some sweet from the wrapper but drops off to a hot smoke and pepper finish. Consistency so far so good! Will continue to smoke these before my days off when I will smoke cigars in the upper dollar ranges. For only about .46 these are a crazy deal for the smoker looking for a cheap everday. 4 5 1
Maduro This is one of the best all around anytime cigars on the market! The Export Maduro is a no frills solid flavorful enjoyable cigar that's out there today. I keep several in each of my trucks and in my shops. They're dry cured so they need no humidification the draw is flawless their flavor is deep rich tobacco and they always smoke perfect. I suggest using a mouthpiece so they don't burn the fingers or lips. 5 5 1
Maduro Easy to cut in half for everyday use! Been buying for last 5 years seems to be always fresh. Yes store in the humidor. 4 5 1
Maduro Villager Export in natural or maduro are my go-to smoke. Perfect size boxed pressed stick for a short cigar session with outstanding consistency for over two years now. I have dumped the Dominican name brands because of their inconsistencies (knots) in their smaller sizes. You will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
Maduro These cigars are consistently great. If your like me and don't have time to sit around for an hour to smoke - these are good cigars. You can take a few draws from it - put it down - come back and light it again and it tastes just as good as when you first lit it. I get two to three smokes off the same cigar. They're medium strength and taste great! I've smoked a lot of them and never had a bad one. 5 5 1
Maduro This is my Back-up Smoke. Great Medium size Cigar. Just what I need for a Store run etc. Consistent Cigar with good Flavor & Draw.... 5 5 1
Maduro Great service & fast 5 5 1

Villiger Export

Maduro 4 × 37 VKE503

A bold, dark and spicy Brazilian wrapper covers choice Cuban seed tobaccos. The Villiger Export Maduro, features warm and nutty tobacco flavors with subtle hints of spice. Affordable and flavorful, these dry cured European style smokes offer a pleasant alternative to full sized cigars.
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