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Braniff Chicos No. 2 10-Pack when they are right there great and all to frequently of late the box will contain several that are non smokable because they're rolled to tightly casing the draw to be extremely poor with this constant inconsistency the true price of each little stick goes up. Like it said when they draw right they are unbeatable for a little smoke. 2 5 1
Braniff Chicos No. 2 10-Pack Fairly good small cigar. 4 5 1
Braniff Chicos No. 2 10-Pack Great quick fix, good construction unless they pickup too much humidity they can get wet. 5 5 1
Braniff Chicos No. 2 10-Pack I have smoked these cigars for some time and do appreciate your prompt service in sending them. Fat cigars are fine for other people, but my preference is slim, long, tasty smokes. These #2's fit the bill until you discover a better smoke to sell me. thank you for your short turn time. Your service is better than all the rest. 5 5 1
Braniff Chicos No. 2 10-Pack Nice little quick smoke cigar with a great flavor! Check 'em out 5 5 1

Villiger Braniff

Braniff #2 4.63 × 21 VK2P

Dry cured and toasty tasting, Villiger Braniff #2, in a box of 50, is a little dry-cured Cuban seed beauty that is begging to be smoked with a good strong cup of gourmet coffee.
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