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Ferio Tego is a hot new brand of premium cigars founded by Michael Herklots and Brendon Scott, two former employees of the now defunct Nat Sherman Company. The Ferio Tego core line contains the Generoso and Elegancia lines, but their claim to fame comes from purchasing the rights to the Nat Sherman brands with the stipulation that they never use the Nat Sherman name on any of their products. These two former Nat Sherman associates, turned cigarmakers, have rebranded three enormously popular Nat Sherman blends that include the Metropolitan Host, Metropolitan Connecticut, and the Timeless Panamericana lines. Having worked behind the scenes at Nat Sherman, and smoking all of these cigars on a steady basis, Herklots and Scott have a fond appreciation of the care and dedication that goes into the making of every premium cigar that Nat Sherman has ever produced. Therefore, when you purchase any of their rebranded Nat Sherman offerings, you can count on the pristine construction and fabulous taste that made Nat Sherman one of the most beloved brands to ever grace the premium cigar market. Check out the Ferio Tego brand lineup right here on the JR Cigar website, and find the perfect blend to suit your preferred taste and strength profile.
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