4.230769230769231 13
6 x 54 Captured the Nic flavor without excess harshness 5 5 1
6 x 54 All the *5 Star credentials, really. Don't look any further. Don't hesitate. Value beyond measure. 5 5 1
6 x 54 I bought a box without drawing a single pull and I'm so gladiator did! As a former cigar shop owner I could pretty much sample any cigar on the planet but my go to brand kept returning to Punch. I've always loved the woody qualities of a fine Nicaraguan and this offering certainly doesn't disappoint. Just opens opening the box for the first time was a thrill to see these fine Puros glistening in maduro sheen with labels bright with primary colors. The smokes have a distinct chocolate flavor with the clean wood I've come to expect from its Nicaraguan pedigree. The amazing thing is the finish which leave no harsh aftertaste even when smoked down to the band. My favorites tend towards the Honduran offerings but this will definitely be a humidor staple. How do you do it Mr. Punch? 5 5 1
6 x 54 Very tasty, I like deep dark rich smokes and it’s here. Uneven burns only drawback, but still like em. 4 5 1
6 x 54 So this is my 5th box of PGPN, my previous reviews gave this brand *5 Stars...though that was before I tried both JR Ultimate EMS and Maduro. No contest, my go to cigars from now on are the JRU. To pursue flavor, quality and value anywhere else is an exercise in futility. STOP your search now and go to JR Ultimates!!! 3 5 1
6 x 54 Very satisfied with product and jr 4 5 1
6 x 54 I was a huge fan of these cigars, then all of the sudden you couldn't get a decent draw on them. It's like trying to suck a golf ball through a straw. I did everything I could, I burrowed them out with a cigar tool I purchased, I let them sit in my humidor (70/70) for several months hoping that would bring them out of it. I'm done. Never ever again will I purchase these cigars. 1 5 1
6 x 54 Aroma,flavor,color,balance or all in the 6 X 54 Punch Great Cigar. 5 5 1
6 x 54 Been working my way through a box that’s been aged over a year @ 69% RH/69° F. The medium-bodied flavor is as described, with cedar in the aroma & retrohale. Great construction, draw, reasonably even burn, & decent consistency; with a firm white ash. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is dark brown & oily, with occasional very minor imperfections. Overall, a great cigar for the price. 4 5 1
6 x 54 Wonderful cigar. Full flavor with a nice profile, not simply harsh. Well constructed. Well packed for a good long smoke. Highly recommend. 4 5 1
6 x 54 I love these Nica Puros W/Broadleaf. The component combo Is ACE's all the way. Full bodied without the Strength ruining the Flavor. I have always loved PUNCH, as this brand is a cornerstone of Cigar History. Absolutely no construction issues and very consistent blending. What's Not To Love. 5 5 1
6 x 54 This is an Excellent Cigar that has all of the characteristics looked for with most Cigar Smokers. Great Blend of Earthyness, Flavor,consistent construction and a Capitalist appearance with a very affordable price. 5 5 1
6 x 54 Excellent, rich, full, nutty and lasting. This reasonabley priced gem won't let you down. 5 5 1

Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

6 x 54 6 × 54 PUGPN6

Building on the legacy of its famous Honduran counterpart, the Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua 6 x 54 cigar offers an exceptionally smooth, full-bodied smoke with a well-balanced mix of earth, bittersweet chocolate, subtle spice, and cocoa flavors. This exceptional premium blend of Nicaraguan binder and fillers covered by a shiny Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper is destined to become a staple in your cigar humidor.

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