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Phillies Cigars have been a favorite of the thrifty aficionado for over 110 years thanks to their iconic shape and delectably good taste. First produced by the Bayuk Brothers in 1910, Phillies Cigars remain one of the most beloved and consistent brands on the market today.

Brothers Max, Meyer, and Sam Bayuk first started making cigars back in 1896, pooling their resources to start making handmade cigars in a rented Philadelphia attic. The brothers’ first brand, Princess Bonnie, was a success and allowed the Bayuks to expand their cigar-making operations to a second facility in Lancaster, PA. 1910 saw the introduction of Phillies Cigars under the name Philadelphia Hand Made Perfecto, and the cigars were an instant classic with aficionados throughout the country. The public would frequently shorten the Philadelphia Hand Made Perfecto name to simply “Phillies” and the shorthand name soon became the official name of the brand.

Just two short years later, the Bayuk Brothers grew to encompass several cigar making facilities across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York with their headquarters situated in the heart of Philadelphia. Part of Phillies Cigars’ success is due to the cigars being packaged in branded tins of 50, which served as a form of advertising as well as proving useful for aficionados beyond cigars.

1926 saw the Bayuk brothers opening a machine-made cigar factory in Philadelphia, making use of a new technology to drastically increase the production of Phillies Cigars. The price dropped from 10¢ per cigar down to 5¢ thanks to the new machine-made rolling, and sales increased by several orders of magnitude.

At the peak of Phillies Cigars’ popularity, the brand was featured in the famous painting Nighthawks by the American painter Edward Hopper. Portraying a downtown diner late at night with light from the diner pouring out into a dark and empty street, depicted above the diner is an advertisement for Phillies Cigars, reading “Phillies – Only 5¢” under a picture of a cigar.

This iconic portrayal of 1940s Americana showcases the prevalence of Phillies Cigars throughout the years, cementing it as a staple in American culture and a household name amongst cigar enjoyers throughout the country.

Today, Phillies Cigars are still made domestically in the United States, but under the purview of cigar maker Altadis U.S.A., which is also responsible for several famous handmade cigar brands like Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. Just as it was over 110 years ago, Phillies Cigars are an affordable option for any aficionado without the frills, bells, or whistles of more expensive handmade brands.

Phillies Cigars are offered in a wide range of popular flavors and sizes, including the original Blunt size that made the brand a household name. Each Phillies cigar starts with a blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short fillers from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. A tobacco sheet called Homogenized Tobacco Leaf completes the blend, offering the brand’s distinctly earthy, sweet taste.

Whether you are a connoisseur on a budget looking for a smooth, tasty cigar, or looking for something to fill your smoke breaks with flavor, Phillies Cigars are the choice for you. Be sure to order your Phillies Cigars online with JR today to get them at some of the best prices on the web!

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