The 10 Best Cigar Blunts

September 1, 2015

It’s time to rate the once very popular machine made Blunt. Sadly, today many consider this more of a delivery device to smoke your Latin Lettuce than a viable alternative to more expensive cigars. These types of smokes remain very popular with serious everyday smokers. Of course, they fly off the shelves at convenience stores and gas stations, but this top 10 review is not for that type of consumer.

A blunt is a cigar that is wider than a cigarillo and not quite as wide as a Corona. Most consists of a homogenized wrapper and short filler tobacco that are the leftover cuttings from premium hand rolled cigars. Blunts originally got their name from their “broad or rounded tip”, and were named as such in the 19th century to differentiate them from other cigars with a tapered, pointed tip. When most people think of Blunts, the brand Phillies come to mind, but several other famous brands are equally as tasty and have been around for many years. Some of the reviewed brands are not true Blunts, but since this is a very limited category, they are as close to Blunt status as possible. To make things even more confusing, a few of the brands have different names but are actually Blunt shapes. I’m getting a headache, So without further ado (or don’t) here is my personal list of the Top 10 Best Blunts.

Number 10: William Penn Perfecto

Named in honor of William Penn, the Quaker leader who fought religious oppression, and founded the colony of Pennsylvania, comes the popular William Penn Perfecto. This old American classic stogie was the cigar your grandpa was smoking when he bounced you on his knee, and then gave you your first shiny quarter. The William Penn Perfecto has a classic musky bouquet that evokes those childhood memories.  An earthy flavor with hints of pepper and spice remain consistent throughout the smoke and offers a surprisingly satisfying cigar tobacco taste.

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Number 9:  Tampa Sweet Perfecto

The Tampa Sweet is made by Altadis USA, who along with their impressive premium lineup, is also behind some of the best machine-made cigars around.  This handsomely shaped Tampa Sweet Perfecto consists of a mild-bodied, subtly sweet blend of quality Colombian and Italian filler leaf wrapped up in a smooth pale brown homogenized wrapper. Creamy smooth and very aromatic, this cigar really hits the spot when paired with a nice dessert or a cup of fresh-brewed coffee.

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Number 8:  Muriel Magnum

Muriel cigars are one of America’s best-known cigar brands with a long and prosperous history, dating back to the late 1950’s & early 60’s by singer, Edie Adams wife of the legendary cigar-smoking comedian, Ernie Kovacs. The Muriel Magnum is a delightfully mild, smooth smoke full of silky smooth flavors, and a very pleasant aroma for a machine made. In honor of your dad and all of the other great old farts in your life, I highly recommend that you —“pick one up and smoke it sometime.”

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Number 7: White Owl Blunts Xtra Vanilla

One of the most popular and best-selling classic machine-made brands in the USA has put a modern spin on their classic line with the White Owl Blunts Xtra Vanilla cigars. Fans of flavored cigars that are on a budget, will appreciate the classic tobacco taste gently infused with a subtle vanilla bean flavor. Never cloying or too sweet, this is a surprisingly well-balanced smoke with an aroma so fragrant it will smell like your smoking a pipe.

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Number 6: King Edward Imperial

A popular fan favorite across the pond, English tourists simply love the King Edward Imperial. Even with Cubano’s at their disposal back home, they raid every tobacco shop in the States in search of them. They do cost a fortune in England, but it still says a lot about the quality of the brand. The Imperial has unique, earthy tobacco flavors with subtle hints of sweetness, and a toasty aroma. For a machine made cigar, this is one of the tastiest cigars out there today.

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Number 5: El Producto Fino

Since 1916, American smokers have been joyfully puffing away on their famous El Producto Fino cigars. Mild in flavor, these stogies offer up that old school earthy tobacco taste and musky aroma. This is a real man’s smoke for guys that like football, wrestling, and greasy cheeseburgers washed down with an ice-cold beer!

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Number 4: Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe

One of the most renowned and best-selling machine-made cigars in America since 1911, the Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe burn evenly and taste mild, and offer that real old-school tobacco flavor at a fraction of the cost of most premiums. Measuring 5 ⅝ inches in length with a ring gauge of 42, these classic shaped Corona’s, made by Altadis USA, give the smoker a lot of value for the money.

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Number 3: White Owl Blunts

Another White Owl has made the list to accompany the sweet vanilla that came in at number 7. Manufactured in Dothan, Alabama, U.S.A passed down from generation to generation, the famous White Owl Blunts has been found sticking out billions of kissers since the company’s inception in 1887. Manufactured with a sheet-type wrapper and binder that encases a mixed filler tobacco blend from five nations. This classic corona smoke is mild in flavor and has a lot earthy sweet notes. This is an inexpensive, tasty, working man’s cigar, great for the person that doesn’t need any fancy packing, or rare exotic leaf, just a darn good everyday smoke.

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Number 2: Phillies Cigar Blunt

Phillies is a brand of famous machine made cigars, originally made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from which the brand takes its name, is now produced in Selma, Alabama. The filler consists of a blend of mild-smoking Dominican and Honduran tobaccos with a homogenized wrapper and binder. Not only do they offer a nice nutty, earthy taste with hints of natural sweetness, the Phillies Cigars Blunt have that thick musky aroma that true cigar smokers love. A classic in every sense, this is the quintessential go anywhere stogie.


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Number 1: Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Perfecto

Altadis USA, one the finest makers of handmade premium cigars, also takes much pride in their machine made offerings, and the Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Original Perfecto is a textbook example. Brimming with rich sweet tobacco flavors and a soothing aromatic aroma, this is one flavorful little stogie you may find hard to put down. A perfect change of pace for even the most seasoned cigar enthusiast!

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