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Unlike some other flavor infused cigars on the market that are machine made, or use inferior tobaccos, Tatiana cigars are premium quality through and through. Every Tatiana cigar features the finest blend of aged Dominican binder and long filler tobaccos, covered by a silky-smooth Indonesian wrapper. So far, this recipe seems a lot like many others, but the secret is in the sauce! You see, Tatiana Cigars are infused with very best essences and flavorings in a slew of mouthwatering flavors that’s certain to soothe just about anybody’s sweet tooth. Within the brands eight enormously popular lines that include Groovy Blue, Waking Dream, Night Cap, Caribbean Chill and Sweet Euphoria, you’ll find a host of exotic flavors never used in a premium cigar before. However, for those who prefer more traditional dessert-style creations, the Tatiana Dolce cigars will be right up your alley. Here, you’ll find delicious straightforward blends of Vanilla, Cherry, Tropical, and Rum, that mingle in perfect harmony with rich nuances of leather, nuts, and cream. Tatiana Cigars are a nice change of pace from your more traditional blends and a perfect choice when you crave an extra special flavored cigar that never overpowers the premium tobaccos. Order your favorites from JR today and experience the Tatiana difference!

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