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Tatiana Classic Cigars are some of the flavors infused premium cigars in the market. Crafted from the choicest Dominican binder and fillers, each cigar is finished with a top grade Indonesian wrapper. All the tobacco used is put through a two-year aging process to provide a smooth, creamy, and highly aromatic mellow-to -medium bodied experience. Tatiana Classic Cigars are available in Rum, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, and various other exotic flavorings to soothe every smoker’s sweet tooth, while providing a smooth taste, the perfect draw, and a wonderful aroma. If you are looking for a flavorful change of pace from your standard non-aromatic premium cigars, the highly popular Tatiana Classic lineup has you covered. Order your favorite flavor or flavors from JR Cigar today, then count on coming back to enjoy some more.

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