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Oscar Valladares, one of the most talented cigarmakers in the biz, has been producing top-quality, uniquely flavorful small batch cigars in Danli, Honduras since 2012. The Oscar brand offers a variety of unique blends in a range of strength profiles to satisfy just about every style of smoker. His highly regarded portfolio includes the best-selling Leaf by Oscar, the earthy, nutty, and spicy medium to full bodied blend that launched Valladares to stardom. Always thinking outside of the box, Oscar applies his modern blending style combined with old world standards, to create premium cigars that are truly unlike any other. This includes the wildly popular Oscar 2012, series presented in Connecticut, Corojo, and Maduro wrapper varietals. If you’re looking for a stick with plenty of kick, then, the retro styled Super Fly cigars will be right up your alley! Billed as the company's strongest blend to-date, Super Fly coats the palate with rich heady flavors of pepper, cocoa, some floral tones, and an overall rich tobacco sweetness. If this stick is too strong for your palate, then, the creamy smooth mellow to medium bodied flavors of the 2012 by Oscar Connecticut cigars will really hit the spot. Your perfect Oscar Valladares cigar blend is only a mouse click away right here on the JR Cigar website. Order yours and discover one the most innovative and great tasting cigar brands on the market today.

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