Oscar Valladares took us on a nostalgic journey to the funky 1970s era with his highly popular SuperFly line that was met with overwhelming approval. Now, this iconic master blender is taking smokers back to the future with his hot new Oscar Valladares McFly cigars. Named after Marty McFly, the main character of the famous “Back to the Future” film from 1985 , these unique handmade premium cigars are composed of expertly aged Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican long filler tobaccos, followed by a tasty Honduran binder and sleek, oily, San Andres Mexican wrapper. In keeping with its” Back to the Future” theme, the cigars come packaged in boxes of 20 that display a vibrant holographic image of the Oscar Valladares McFly brand logo on the inside of the box lid. Flavors of Black pepper, leather, roasted nuts, and hints of citrus zest on the finish, provides a truly unforgettable medium-full bodied smoking experience that will have you coming back to JR Cigar in the future for more!
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