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Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban cigars, handcrafted in Nicaragua, were fashioned to emulate the extremely popular (and astronomically priced) dark-wrapped, limited edition Cuban cigars introduced by Habanos S.A. When our customers realized that these premium handmade gems were almost spot- on in taste, yet cost a fraction of the price, they literally started flying off our shelves, and remain a huge best-seller today. Now, as a follow-up this smash hit, we have introduced the Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban Sun Grown line. Unlike the original Pre- Embargo’s three-nation binder and filler blend, this one is a genuine “puro” made with 100% aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, covered with a gorgeous, EMS sun-grown wrapper. Like its older brother, this gem is also loaded with rich, Cuban style flavor; however, it is slightly sweeter and as opposed to lots of spice, it has a nuttier taste. Best of all, like the original, the C.C. Sun Grown rivals or tops the finest Cubano’s ever made, and comes to you in our extremely affordable 5-pack selection.

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