3.3333333333333335 12
1958 Sesenta This cigar , smokes well every time. I love this cigar after dinner and on the golf course. 5 5 1
1958 Sesenta Wrapper is a joke...every one splits and peels in many places and is. the. thinnest I,very ever seen. Don't buy this cigar! 1 5 1
1958 Sesenta Not bad everyday smoke 5 5 1
1958 Sesenta Arrived super dried out couldnt even remove them from box without damaging them. JR dropped the ball on thay but the cigar itself is ok 4 5 1
1958 Sesenta I always enjoy the counterfeit Cuban line and thought I'd give the sun grow a try. Four of the five drew well and burned even but one was so hard to draw I ended up throwing it away. These are very mild though even though they say medium to full. 3 5 1
1958 Sesenta I am an old guy. I remember the old Cuban (real) Montecristo. These were true EMS wrapped beauties with a full flavor lovely aroma and really nice construction. Well these are not they but are damned close. Wellmade with all the flavor and headiness you could want to remember how they used to be. Old Cubans were all about balance and flavor this one is too. Construction is nice but there has been an occasional stick with head looseness not a huge deal. Some variation in the draw rate but no rocks or loose filler. Nice white-grey ash that hangs around to about an inch. 4 5 1
1958 Sesenta I tried 2 of these and am returning the rest. Started to fall apart upon lighting. Draw very weak. Wrapper and binder loose at both ends of the stick. I tried these before and didn't like them but then memory fades . . . 1 5 1
1958 Sesenta They were dried out and I called and no one did anything about it thank you for being such a great company 1 5 1
1958 Sesenta I am 6 into this box. Every one has smoked wonderfully. Great flavor and draw. The last quarter can start to break up a bit if it gets too hot, so take your time and enjoy every minute. I have already added another box to my cart and look forward to every one. 4 5 1
1958 Sesenta not bad 3 5 1
1958 Sesenta Outstanding cigar 5 5 1
1958 Sesenta This was very enjoyable. Construction was good. Draw was good. Had to light it again, just once. Had nice flavors of bittersweet chocolate and coffee. Hints of leather. 4 5 1

Genuine Pre-Embargo C.C. Sun Grown

1958 Sesenta 6 × 60 58SESG

The Genuine Pre-Embargo C.C 1958 Sesenta cigars are medium to full body Cuban style premium cigars that are so close in taste to the real deal, that if you didn’t know better, you’d think they were illegal! The rich, Nicaraguan sun-grown wrappers look as good as they taste, and the blend of aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos are superb. Medium to full body in strength, this slow burning gem seduces the palate with fragrant notes of earth, coffee, leather, and nuts, with some subtle hints of spice in the background. A super-worthy addition to our popular Genuine Pre-Embargo line, you can get these top-quality smokes on the JR Cigar website at an affordable price today. They are presented boxes of 25.

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Medium - Full


Box of 25

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