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1958 Epicure I used to buy these when the offered them in a Maduro which were very good, since they no obviously no longer make them in a Maduro I decided to try these.... TERRIBLE, the wrappers flaked off all five of them an the flavor was like floor scraps. 1 5 1
1958 Epicure Nice wrapper, nice draw, nice even burn. Great flavor and only gets better the more you smoke it. Great price too! Would buy this again. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure I tried these a few months back and it was it i.been ordering ever since just hope they dont raise the price to.much where i.caint afford them 5 5 1
1958 Epicure Tried a five pack. Just smoked No5. As the previous reviewers stated these do need aging which is going to happen during a cigar boom as cigars go straight to the field after manufacture to meet demands. I smoked No1 out of the bag and found it unimpressive. I had loved the GCC line when they first came out 20 years ago or so and smoked them by the box. This one No1 was a disappointment. I removed the remaining 4 from the bag and their cellophane wrap and placed them in a cedar box and into my humidor chest. After a week I smoked No2 which was better but still unimpressive. Good construction and easy drawing but not having any of the flavor of the original GCC line. No3 and No4 were better but still not offering any specific new flavor or the impressibility of the original GCC cigars. No5 was much better having aged a few months outside the cellophane and in their natural naked state in cedar box. Nice smoke billows out of this cigar. I like cigars with lots of smoke and this one delivers it. Has a distinct (finally) flavor that I cannot describe which is a hallmark of the GCC cigars. Since I cannot name it I wont try. but it is original. Some sun grown wrapper flavor pleasing tobacco flavor medium strength profile and a very mild aftertaste on the tongue from the wrapper and the smoke. A nice addition to the GCC line. I'd smoke it with a red wine a Coke or while snacking on some fine sharp cheddar cheese. 4 5 1
1958 Epicure Nice wrapper.. this thing looked amazing right off the bat - the first half of this stick was nice and medium.. had a peppery sweetness to it. Nice draw great flavor -- the second half was nothing short of BOSS. Tight even ash and burn with earthy goodness and lots of smoke. Five stars from me. I will buy again and recommend to friends. 5 5 1
1958 Epicure I havnt bought in a while buti smoked my last twounny humidor today and it's even better 2months later for its price it's got good flavor good ash draw is good as long as they dont raise the price ill be buying again being a vet I'm limited on my funds but I try and save money to buy some . Very good cigar 5 5 1
1958 Epicure Top 5 for me 5 5 1

Genuine Pre-Embargo C.C. Sun Grown

1958 Epicure 5 × 50 58EPSG

 Already a top-seller, the NEW C.C. Sun Grown 1958 Epicure cigar is a worthy addition to our enormously popular Pre Embargo premium cigar line. A puro through and through, these beauties are crafted with aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos covered with an oily sun grown wrapper. Lush flavors of earth, coffee, leather, nuts, and just a dash of spice, make this medium to full body stick a delight to smoke. Epicure will not only dazzle you with its genuine Cuban style taste, this box of 25 will also go easy on your wallet with an incredibly affordable price.

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Medium - Full


Box of 25

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