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CLE Cigars marked Christian Eiora’s return to the premium cigar industry after being the architect behind numerous 90+ rated blends for Camacho. He made Camacho one of the most well-known and popular cigar brands, and in 2008, he sold his thriving company to Davidoff. Today, the CLE brand portfolio features a star studded stable of notable blends that display Eiroa’s love for the country of Honduras, and the rich, fertile tobacco that grows there. From the smooth, mellow, CLE Connecticut to the powerful CLE Corojo, and everything in between, Christian Eiora lovingly crafts the perfect cigar for every style of smoker. Many smokers feel that Christian’s crowning achievement was the CLE 25th Anniversary cigars. Released in 2012, these celebratory cigars marked Christian’s 25 years of producing some of the finest premium cigars to ever grace the market, both for Camacho and his highly regarded CLE brand. Buy your favorite CLE blend from JR Cigar and enjoy a premium cigar smoking experience that’s second to none.

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