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CLE PCA Exclusive cigars started out as a special line of premium cigars produced by brand owner Christian Eiroa that was handed out to cigar retailers that attended and placed orders during the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show. Thanks to an abundance of extraordinary rich flavors, it was met with overwhelming success and become a limited production offering available to the public. The blend consists of a beautiful silky smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper that cloaks premium binder and aged fillers from an undisclosed farm in South America . This is a medium-bodied cigar that offers a deep complexity, and rich flavors of sweetness, spice, and some leathery tones, backed by hints of salted cashews, and cocoa. CLE PCA Exclusive 2023 is a limited-release cigar, only 150 boxes of 20 cigars per box were made. Order yours today, so that you don’t miss out on these delicious Connecticut -style gems from one of the hottest brands in the premium cigar industry.
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