CLE 25th Anniversary cigars were made to celebrate brand owner Christian Eiroa’s 25 years of producing some of the finest premium cigars to ever grace the market. Make no mistake, the brand CLE (Christian’s initials), was launched in 2012, so obviously the brand hasn’t been around that long, but rather they were produced to pay tribute to Eiroa’s achievements leading up to and including the formation of the brand. Christian Eiroa has been a driving force in the premium cigar industry for a quarter of a century and has built a large portfolio of highly sought-after blends including one of the most famous of them all— Camacho. Christian spent most of his youth and young adult life learning his trade from his father in the tobacco fields of Honduras, so it’s fitting that the CLE 25th Anniversary cigars are Honduran puros that are composed of prized Criollo tobacco. These top-of-of-the line cigars are available in the three popular sizes that produce rich full-flavored notes of coffee, cedar, leather, spice, and subtle hints of chocolate. Boasting top-notch construction, a great burn, and an alluring sweet tobacco aroma, Eiroa’s passion for Honduran tobacco comes shining through with every fragrant draw. The hot new CLE 25th Anniversary cigars, available in elegant boxes of 20, are certain to become a huge hit among smokers that love Honduran puros, so order yours today, and get first dibs on a line of premium cigars that are certain to sell like hotcakes here at JR Cigar.
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