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Founded in 2013, Black Label Trading Cigar Company could still be considered one of the newer kids on the block, but with an ever-growing lineup of hot-selling, highly rated blends, they have already established themselves as a major force in the premium cigar industry. Operating out of his small factory in Nicaragua, James Brown, company owner and master blender, shows his love for cigar making by procuring the very best wrapper, binder, and long filler tobaccos from Central America and the USA. Black Label recently added the Benediction, Last Rights, Lawless, Royalty, Morphine, and Salvation blends, to their portfolio. And, with even more exciting new offerings currently in the works, it’s plain to see that Mr. Brown and his now famous Black label Trading Company are in it for the long haul creating the perfect premium cigar for just about every type of smoker.                                                                               

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