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Black Works Studio is a factory within the Black Label Trading Company that was started by Black Label Trading Company co-founder James Brown. His mission was to create super limited edition premium cigars made in small batches to appease the palates of discerning modern day smokers. Within the Studio’s star studded brand portfolio is Black Works Hyena, NBK, Rorschach, Syndustry, and Intergalactic Limited Edition Robusto. All of these top rated brand’s highlight select Nicaraguan filler tobaccos covered by binders from either Nicaragua or Ecuador, surrounded by top quality wrapper leaves in various shades from either Ecuador, San Andres Mexico, or Cameroon. Every Black Works Studio blend provides its own unique flavor profile made for those who prefer their smokes extremely rich, robust, and fuller bodied in strength. Check out our selection of Black Works Studio cigars and select the blend, wrapper origin, and flavor profile that best suits your lifestyle and taste.
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