Montecristo Cigar Cutters bears the name one of the most famous and recognizable Cuban heritage cigar brands in the world and boasts the quality and top-notch craftsmanship that befits its legendary status. Montecristo Cigar Cutters are crafted from the finest and sharpest 440 grade stainless steel and are large enough to slice up to a 62″ ring-gauge. Montecristo Cigar Cutters are available in S-Cut and double-bladed guillotine styles to accommodate your preference. Expertly engineered for a precise cut every time, our line of top-quality Montecristo Cigar Cutters will become a worthy addition to any premium cigar smoker’s accessory collection. If you’re looking for a cigar cutter that’s beautiful, solid, dependable, and artfully designed, then, look no further than Montecristo.
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