2.588235294117647 17
Duet Cigar Cutter Cutter works really great as designed 5 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter This cutter is a piece of junk. After destroying the ends of a couple of cigars, I just threw this waste of money away. 1 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Just do not Buy this "cutter'" 1 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Works great 5 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Best price, 5 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Only 1 blade that crushes your cigar against the plastic end as it tries to smash through. Ruined 2 cigars and junked it 1 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter The cutter is not very sharp 1 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter This cutter worked great for a few cuts and then started to tear the cigar. For a straight cut, you really need dual blades. The V cut lost the edge on the blade after just a fe cuts. Spend 20 bucks on a decent cutter. 1 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Couldn't be more satisfied seemed cheaply made at first but don't let that fool you so far couldn't find anything bad to say about it definitely worth it 5 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter You get what you pay for. It will get the job done but my experience it doesn’t cut well. I will be ordering another type. 2 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Cutter not sharp, tears instead of a clean slice, spitting out a lot of tobacco. 2 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Won this in their auction. Great cutter for a buck and a half! 4 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter I wouldn't use it again. That single blade wasn't a sharp as it should've to cleanly cut my cigar. I had to apply lots of force to finish cutting it. It crushed it rather than cut it. Disclaimer: I only used the guillotine side and haven't tried the V-cut. Either way, it's going to the trash, sorry. 1 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Not as sharp a blade and cutter is longer than I wanted 2 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Didn't get cigars with this order 2 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter Whether you're a v cut or a guillotine cut person, this inexpensive cutter offers you convenience and a good sharp blade that won't mangle your precious smokes. 5 5 1
Duet Cigar Cutter I got this in an auction deal. I was looking to try a V-Cutter and this had that plus a straight cutter. I tried both and each one mangled the top of my cigar. I ended up dumping this in the trash. I have bought a basic Vertigo V-Cutter and this works great. Stay away from the combo cutter. 1 5 1

Vertigo Cigar Cutters

Duet Cigar Cutter 3VCUDU

Big-ring premium handmade cigars are pleasure to smoke but they can be a nightmare to cut. Now, with Vertigo Big Daddy 56-Ring Cutter in hand, your problem has been solved, for this highly affordable double guillotine built with durable plastic, can snip up to a 56-ring gauge stick with razor sharp precision and accuracy.

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