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VX2 V-Cut Bronze After reading several reviews about the Xikar V-Cut and the Colibri V-Cut, I decided to purchase the Xikar. According to the reviews they cut the same. So my decision came down to the lifetime warranty. Looking back I should have gone with the Colibri V-Cut. The Xikar cuts at a shallow angel every time... as if it is lifting the cigar during the cut. It is not a sharp, deep, crisp cut like the Colibri. Two years later the lounge Colibri V-Cut still cuts sharp, deep, and crisp. Very disappointed in the Xikar. 3 5 1
VX2 V-Cut Bronze This is a very well made tool. It does cut a little wider and deeper than most v cutters. If you smoke a cigar with a small cap, this will still work great. If your cigar is cheaply made or tries to tear instead of cutting, this will do the job. Of the 4 colors, the bronze looks the classiest and stands out a little more. One note; make sure to hold the cigar firmly against the cutter or it might move. I wouldn't use this on smaller ring cigars since the cut would probably take more than half of the cap off. 5 5 1

Xikar Cigar Cutters

VX2 V-Cut Bronze 3XVX2BZ

The premium Xikar VX2 V-Cut Bronze cigar cutter offers a deeper V-Cut than other v-cutters on the market by using a reverse v-cut blade that cuts from the outside in, which helps reduce the possibility of cracking the head of the cigar. Easy to use, just press the two side buttons to release the blade, set the cutter on a flat surface, then place your cigar on the middle of the cutter and press it closed for a precise cut every time thanks to XIKAR's very sharp surgical stainless-steel blade. 

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