Honduras is highly regarded for its mineral-rich volcanic soil and a favorable climate for growing fuller flavored premium tobacco leaves. Copan, the Jamastran Valley, and Talanga Valley are the country's main tobacco-growing regions which many knowledgeable smokers feel closely resembles the characteristics, quality, and taste of Cuban cigars. However, there are a few exceptions such as Hoyo Excalibur, Gispert, and Baccarat, that provide a mellower, yet equally satisfying “Cubanesque ”experience. These tamer Honduran brands, along with bolder blends from Saint Luis Rey, Rocky Patel, Punch, Maria Mancini, Alec Bradley, and more, are available here at JR Cigar in 5-packs. Check out our extensive selection of Honduran cigars sold in affordable 5-packs, and find the ones that best suits your favorite blend, size, wrapper color, budget requirements, and preferred strength profile.
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