4.139240506329114 79
Toro This Esge hits my pallete just right. Has all the flavors and its also a slow burner 4 5 1
Toro This Rocky patel is Good. Taste is amazing In my opinion...a feel a lot aroma. I really recommend 4 5 1
Toro Edge is hands down one of my top favorites among all cigars. With RP Edge you always get the best in constructionflavor and nice even burn. Great after dinner smoke. 5 5 1
Toro Nice medium strength smoke. Even burn and consistent quality. Good flavor and good value. This Rocky is a keeper. 4 5 1
Toro I just left my review of all the construction and burn/draw issues I had with this stick. Interesting to go through and read several comments also speaking of tight draw wrapper issues etc. So the problems I had weren't just a fluke or a bad batch and actually seem to be fairly common w/ these. Hmmm... 1 5 1
Toro Of all the cigars I have smoked in the last couple years I have NEVER had to work so hard to try to smoke a stick. Out of my 5-pack the first one was ok a little strong but good flavors but the burn/draw was so-so. Had to relight a few times as the draw was super-tight and it kept going out. The second one...I cut it to go smoke and the entire wrapper unrolled and came off in my hand. Of all my years of cigar smoking I have NEVER had that happen. So it went into the trash without even being lit. Just now number 3 was a huge hassle. Had to keep being re-lit w/a draw so tight I was seeing stars just to get a drag! Finally got it going pretty well (I thought) set it down for literally 10 seconds to let the dog in came back and it was out. RRRR!! Threw it in the trash and got something else to smoke. Only smoked a 1/3 of it before I got fed up. The last two are in the humidor but I'm not all that anxious to smoke them. I doubt I would purchase these again even with my great auction discounts. 1 5 1
Toro Amazing draw and construction but very harsh. I normally smoke medium-full bodies and try the occasional full but this was too harsh to finish for me. 3 5 1
Toro Tgese are good and i loved to smoke these amd you should go out and buy them because they tatsed good. 4 5 1
Toro A good looking cigar. Spicy with a firm draw and even burn. Quite tasty. 4 5 1
Toro Love this cigar. Excellent smoke. Burns from start to finish wo any re light 5 5 1
Toro They always ask how i liked a cigar three days before it arrives. How do i know if i like it yet? I know that i have never run across a rocky patel that i didn't like. 4 5 1
Toro Great full bodied flavor with a perfect draw and excellent construction. Developed more flavor as I went along and burned evenly from start to finish. 5 5 1
Toro Great constructed stick great flavor throu out.perfect draw as usual good smoke whole way throu 4 5 1
Toro Rocky makes great cigars but this has to be one of the best. Great transitions between flavors of spiced chocolate coffee and little pepper. Enjoyable 5 5 1
Toro I smoked the 5-pack within 2 weeks of getting them - not stored in humidor. They were good even burn long solid ash flavorful - a bit on the heavy side. Will order again when I want a strong cigar. 5 5 1
Toro Rocky Patel is my absolute favorite cigar the edoe is affordable yet top notch 5 5 1
Toro Ok folks you either love this cigar or hate this cigar its simple as that. Being a maduro smoker I love this cigar. It is a great cigar with tons of the maduro flavors. Great draw with huge billows of smoke. I suggest you pick one up and try it for yourself. Simple as that 5 5 1
Toro You get what you pay for. This cigar tastes like a million bucks. Just looking a touching the smooth wrapper begins the satisfaction. 4 5 1
Toro Great smoke!! I typical only smoke maduros and this stick was a fitting addition to my humidor. It's not overpowering and full of rich flavors. Great with an expresso when you just want to smoke and enjoy the morning paper. 5 5 1
Toro Good smoke 5 5 1
Toro Excellent cigar...full flavor...burns prefect...pepper taste but no aftertaste...bought 20... will make this my everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Toro Great cigars great price 5 5 1
Toro Nice consistent stick. 4 5 1
Toro Disappointed. I bought 10 sticks and out of the ten I think I enjoyed only two. It requires too much work to draw and burn; almost each one burned unevenly. Good taste but the second half kept going out. Rather than a nice relaxing smoke it was distracting. 2 5 1
Toro I love the flavor of these cigars but the construction is really poor. I can honestly say I have smoked at least 10 and experience the same frustrating experience. Poor burn right at the start continual touch ups an ash that looks like a blooming flower. The wrapper looks great and when I'm not relighting or touching it up the flavor is very good. I really want to like this stick but it is too much work for me especially with the high end pricing. 2 5 1
Toro My absolute favorite for any time of day or occasion. Dark rich coco flavor that dances over your palate. My only complaint is they never seem to last in my humidor. 5 5 1
Toro I've bought these cigars in the past and don't recall many issues. However the last few times they almost all did the canoe burn sometimes burning nearly completely up one side in less than 15 minutes. They also do not seem to be packed as tightly. Too bad they used to be a nice cigar. 2 5 1
Toro One of the most inconsistent cigars in terms of construction. Had to discard 20% due to impossible draw not what one should expect from this brand at this price. Also had random poor burn issues necessitating numerous relights. 2 5 1
Toro If all he good aspects of this stick arrived with every one I have smoked I'd consider it for a prime place in my humidor. However after a box I have numerous issues with construction. Over half of the sticks had some form of very tight draw or bitter knots that gave blasts of unpleasantness to work through (bourbon on the side helps) or nasty side runners that required manicuring to continue. So while I like the flavor and aesthetics of The Edge IMO there are serious construction issues. I don't like bad surprises. 3 5 1
Toro One of the worst cigars ever made. Horrible taste terrible dry and poor quality wrapper leaf and a super salty finish that will ruin your palet for days to come. 1 5 1
Toro Great cigar good strength for a rocky although not too bad. I like it similar to some of the j fuegos I've tried. 4 5 1
Toro Do you want a quality cigar that will satisfy your tastebuds every time and not kill your bank account? This is for you. Great construction medium to full body and very enjoyable. Give it a try. 5 5 1
Toro Theres something reall beautiful about the maduro wraps rocky p uses. They always look flawless when stores properly. Great medium bodied flavors 5 5 1
Toro Got a deal winning on auction and now I'm Hooked. This is a great all around cigar and is now on my top list. Clean smoke 5 5 1
Toro These Sticks Are Just Not My Cup Of Tea. I Find TheM Low In Flavor And Strength But The RPs Are Normally Made well 4 5 1
Toro Good every day smoke. Two of them fell apart while I was smoking it. 3 5 1
Toro This has been one of my favorite cigars for the price of the 5 pack. Very solid construction and great flavors. A must have in my humidor 4 5 1
Toro This Rocky Patel is an absolute flavor explosion. I'd even go so far as to say it is one of the best cigars I've ever had. Get some! 4 5 1
Toro Full bodied, smooth smoking experience. 5 5 1
Toro Real value. Another splendid offering from JR. 5 5 1
Toro Not bad. Price is good 3 5 1
Toro A good drawing cigar which i enjoyed having after dinner. It has a semi heavy taste of wood and mocha, and a hint of sweetness to it. I recommend this cigar to anyone who loves a really enjoyable smoke. 5 5 1
Toro These are a bit to strong for my preference, but they are smoke really nicely. Great construction, perfect draw. 4 5 1
Toro Really enjoyed it. Which flavor, well constructed and an even Long barn. My first one lasted over two hours. 5 5 1
Toro they work 5 5 1
Toro I love it 5 5 1
Toro Twice in a row I've added five-packs to qualify for free shipping on my order and it's been worth it. Full flavored yet friendly, this is a well-constructed cigar with a consistently comfortable draw 5 5 1
Toro So far 9 out of 10 have had major burn issues. Not a bad cigar but sometimes it is a terrible draw, terrible burn, or just goes dead. I have thrown out more than I have smoked. 2 5 1
Toro I wish you would put the Rocky Patel edge Maduro Toros on the auction 5 5 1
Toro Adding one of these five-packs qualifies your order for free shipping and delivers high levels of satisfaction. 5 5 1
Toro Burns well, tasty, plenty of thick smoke. 5 5 1
Toro Great draw, tasty full flavor, put together well, lots of thick smoke. The burn is a little sloppy sometimes but it’s hard to fault such an otherwise tremendous smoke. 5 5 1
Toro Great draw, great construction, smoky, nice rich room note, very consistent, super flavor. Absolutely the best for the price point and several price points higher. One of my favorites!! 5 5 1
Toro Good cigar 4 5 1
Toro This was my first Rocky and I am a fan Really nice smooth smoke Rich smoke, great construction Nice ash 5 5 1
Toro Very pleasant flavor. The pull and draw on these cigars produces a lot of smoke. I really enjoyed them. 5 5 1
Toro I try to skip around and try new cigars every time I restock but I always find myself buying these with every purchase I make. The first few pulls on these, my reaction was just "wow thats a nice cigar" (which i wish i could say about every cigar). and quality doesnt get much better than Rocky Patel. 5 5 1
Toro I love it 5 5 1
Toro My go to cigar. 5 5 1
Toro This cigar makes me very happy 5 5 1
Toro This is one of my favorites. full of complexity and good burn. 5 5 1
Toro Great 5 5 1
Toro About 10 minutes in I had to cut off over half the stick to stop it from boring. Once it burned straight its draw was perfect but to call it Maduro is pushing the upper limit. Maybe I got a bad one. 3 5 1
Toro 1st time smoking it and very good and smooth 5 5 1
Toro Nice change up Rocky. Enjoy kicking back with these. 4 5 1
Toro Interestingly, although the cold taste is enjoyable, the first third of the cigar is annoying. It almost tastes sour. Then the flavors start to emerge, and the cigar becomes enjoyable. Notes of cocoa, coffee, tartness, and spice abound. The aroma is pleasing, and the draw, construction and consistency of the burn are very good throughout. 4 5 1
Toro originally purchased the 5 variety pack of the edge and liked this one the best sooo bought a couple of 5 packs maduro. good price performance ratio - full bodied and flavored - paired well with a winter stout and robust bourbon on a cold night. had one on the golf course on a windy day and it construction and taste held its own will be a regular in the humidor 4 5 1
Toro Picked up some of these cigars a while back and they just don’t taste or burn like a good cigar. Don’t waste your money! 3 5 1
Toro Don’t stay lit, burn unevenly, and are frustrating. Save your money. 1 5 1
Toro Great smoke good smell Love it 5 5 1
Toro Dark and oily wrapper silky smooth - draws good and smoke plentiful - dark roast coffee with a twist of caramel is what it brings to my taste - burns a bit uneven but a good smoke overall 4 5 1
Toro Good lil smoke. Smooth and consistent. 3 5 1
Toro Can’t go wrong. Enjoyed this cigar 3 5 1
Toro Burns well, bold flavors, but not overdone. Satisfying... 4 5 1
Toro Good smoke , like the flavor amd consistency 4 5 1
Toro Smoke one rite now , good flavor 5 5 1
Toro Can’t go wrong with an edge 5 5 1
Toro As a morning cigar, this stick goes great with a strong coffee. I get notes of espresso and cinnamon with my coffee. The smoke is thick and rich and doesn't disappoint me as I watch the sunrise over the hills. In the evening by the camp fire I have this stick with gin or vodka. Luxurious smoke with a comforting liquor gives great ambiance for a nice way to end a busy day. If you like a thick, rich and oily smoking cigar, this is for you. The price can't be beat and the consistency is superior. 5 5 1

Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro

Toro 6 × 52 RPET35

Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro Toro is an exquisite premium cigar that uses Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers and a zesty Nicaraguan binder, all grown on the Plasencia family estates in both fertile tobacco growing countries. The cigars are finished with a gorgeous dark and oily Costa Rican wrapper that adds layers of chocolate and spice that seamlessly melds with rich notes of leather, wood, and cream. The long fillers used in this blend are slowly aged for five full years to provide a full-bodied, yet exceptionally smooth experience that can be enjoyed by every type of palate. This masterpiece from Rocky and the Plasencia’s is available here at JR Cigar in affordable 5-packs . Get yours today and take rich dark tobacco flavors to the next savory level.
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