4.08 25
Pico Bonito Puro are becoming my favorite stick because of their bold yet smooth flavor with lots of oak and earth. Paired gret with an espresso 5 5 1
Pico Bonito Packs a nice little punch. Haha get it. Ok it’s not a bad cigar. I’d smoke it again. 4 5 1
Pico Bonito Great cigar for the price mark. I paired it with a port and enjoyed it. Good rich smoke and smother on the palette 4 5 1
Pico Bonito This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: light woodsy flavor spice earth creaminess. Picked one of these beauties up at a local tobacco shop and was very surprised with the aroma and flavors. I've always enjoyed Maduro cigars and the Gran Puri Bonito is absolutely a delight. I was apprehensive at first when the tobacco shop employee stated it was strong of spice notes. Upon first light you taste spiciness and hint of leather with a creamy finish after each draw. Halfway through the cigar flavors really come out. Punch has done it again will definitely recommend and have in rotation. 3 5 1
Pico Bonito Sweet Coco tastes are present throughout the entire stick. After a retro hail you get sweet spice tastes. Nice grey ash 4 5 1
Pico Bonito This had the classic Honduran profile almost a but of fruit on the finish. It really surprised me. I didn't feel it was strong enough flavor wise but it probably would do well for someone looking mild to medium. Had zero construction or burn issues. 4 5 1
Pico Bonito the draw on this was so tight blocked off and was nice other wise would say let rest a long time for sure 3 5 1
Pico Bonito This is my favorite in the Punch line. If it wasn't for the occasional high draw or plugged sticks it would be a solid five. 3 5 1
Pico Bonito Really good smoke. Amazing cigar definitely a box worthy cigar. If you haven tried one yet. What are you waiting for? 4 5 1
Pico Bonito Once again the gran puro is a home run just like the other punches you gotta be able to take a punch great flavors nice even burn if you haven't you should 4 5 1
Pico Bonito A straight up *Punch* in the mouth. Full bodied and full flavored these little guys are great smokes. 5 5 1
Pico Bonito Outstanding smoke Terrific taste and draw I enjoy Honduran cigars and this one measures up beautifully 5 5 1
Pico Bonito 5 stars all around! This is a very consistent and flavorful smoke. Even burn consistent flavor all the way to the nub. 5 5 1
Pico Bonito This is a pretty good cigar. Full flavored spicy good draw. Great with a good alcoholic beverage 5 5 1
Pico Bonito Punch Gran Puro Pico Benito is a tasty blend from Punch Cigars. Complex and mellow flavors 4 5 1
Pico Bonito This is a very good cigar from a great cigar company. I have never had a bad Punch. I highly recommend! 4 5 1
Pico Bonito Typical great Punch puro 4 5 1
Pico Bonito A five star dark smoke! Punch really did well with the construction of this stick! The draw is smooth and the spicy flavor is great! 5 5 1
Pico Bonito This flavor bomb from lunch is incredibly tasty and has some good Spivey kick to it and the construction is incredible 3 5 1
Pico Bonito The Gran Puro (Punch Gran Puro) is without a doubt one of the best all around smokes on the market. Great flavor great burn at a very reasonable price. 4 5 1
Pico Bonito My go to golf course cigar. Even burn, nice draw, Still lit when I return to the cart. All I can ask for. Medium strength. Good value. I recommend. 5 5 1
Pico Bonito Good 4 5 1
Pico Bonito this one is spicy, like jalapenos. 4 5 1
Pico Bonito Great smoke in its price point 3 5 1
Pico Bonito Love Punch cigars. Never a dull moment when you're being Punched. 4 5 1

Punch Gran Puro

Pico Bonito 6 × 50 PUGPPB

Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito is perfectly constructed Toro filled with top quality Honduran leaf. This is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke with a spicy, earthy core, and a creamy finish that tastefully lingers on the tongue. A triple dose of Honduran pleasure awaits you. So place your order today! Packaged in boxes of 25.

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