4.714285714285714 14
Scamp This Cigar is fantastic! So full of flavor! Very smooth and mild! Awesome draw! 5 5 1
Scamp Burns Hot and gets very strong halfway through. I won't be buying again. 3 5 1
Scamp I love these, full flavor and nice burn 5 5 1
Scamp Been smoking the Diablos since they came out. The strongest Punch I've ever had. I like the Scamp size. Burns and tastes great from the first puff until the last. One of my favorites. 5 5 1
Scamp Starts off third with a really good spice, second third no spice and the leather and earth starts to come through. Last third a little bit of spice comes through with almost a mint feeling on the retro hail, a nice milky feeling for aftertaste. Perfect burn all the way through. Amazing cigar. 5 5 1
Scamp I really don't want to write a review until I've smoked 3 to 5 cigars,it's just not fair. These are hand made and you might get one that is a bit off. This is a most excellent smoke,full flavored and a taste that begs for retrohaling. So satisfying are the nuances as you smoke your way through the cigar.It leaves you completely satisfied,in pipe smoking we have an area in the bowl that we call "The Zone" where everything comes together,this cigar is in this zone almost immediately and stays there until the nub.I would give it more than 5 stars at this price point. 5 5 1
Scamp They are good 4 5 1
Scamp Great value. 5 5 1
Scamp Full flavored very enjoyable 4 5 1
Scamp Good bold flavors, not for beginners 5 5 1
Scamp My all time fav 5 5 1
Scamp This cigar is full flavored which I really enjoy. Burns great and with the maduro wrapper lasts longer. 5 5 1
Scamp Fantastic smoke! 5 5 1
Scamp High rated, doesn’t break the bank, hits all consistency notes. 5 5 1

Punch Diablo

Scamp 6.12 × 50 PUDS

 Rolled in a popular 6.12 × 50 size, the Punch Diablo Scamp cigar is a delicious blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos covered by a stunning dark brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. An easy draw and ivory ash are complimented with a creamy texture with notes of sweet and zesty spices, chocolate, earth, and leather.

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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Honduran / Nicaraguan Ligero




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