4.666666666666667 9
Tribu (Robusto) The Plasencia Alma del Campo Tribu is a great cigar boasting nice flavor and smell 5 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) Definitely a 4 star across the board. Good draw and an almost sraight burn. Good flavor of dark coffee with hints of vanilla. At the have there was a transition of flavor to a cedar and sweet nuttiness. 4 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) I was gifted one of these. They are good. But if i smoke anything for this price i would like to be extremely high or go for cubans somewhere. Good cigar that doesnt match the quality of other cigars of this price range 5 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) The Plasencia Alma del Campo Tribu is a nice medium to full cigar with some good coffee flavors 5 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) Placensia Alma del Campo does it again - this premium choice blend is medium bodied with a fantastic mix of flavors that go from spicy to leathery. Just the right size to smoke down to the end. Get a roach clip! 5 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) Excellent medium bodied cigar. 4 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) Nice cigar heavy pepper with chocolate and cedar flavors. Very good smoke. Peppery notes between thirds before full body transitions in final third 5 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) A tad bit of a longer smoke when it comes to time but still really enjoyable experience. 4 5 1
Tribu (Robusto) Excellent cigar. Great flavor and even burn throughout the only drawback is it only comes in a box of 10 5 5 1

Plasencia Alma del Campo

Tribu 5 × 52 PLADCR

Plasencia Alma del Campo Tribu is a well-built 5 x 52-ring premium handmade cigar that is part of the brand’s second Alma installment. This top-notch blend features the finest 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos all grown on the famous Plasencia farm. Tribu cigars deliver a rich medium-bodied profile of coffee, roasted peanuts, vanilla, sweet spice, and cedar.  The luxury Plasencia Alma Del Campo line-up is one of the year’s finest selections, and Tribu, part of this superb collection, is sure to receive the same critical acclaim as the original Alma.

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