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These cigars are beloved for their portfolio of top-notch blends that are all painstakingly crafted with strictest attention to detail. As one of the biggest tobacco growers and cigar manufacturers in the world, it's able to source the best tobaccos for their blends, many of which are grown on their prestigious farms throughout Honduras and Nicaragua. Nestor Plasencia, the brands patriarch, is widely considered one of the most influential people currently active in the premium cigar industry. There’s nothing this cigar maker can’t do; he grows his own tobacco, rolls his own cigars and has helped pioneer the vision of other cigar brands including Rocky Patel, Gurkha, and Alec Bradley, just to name a few. In addition to lending his expertise to these famous brands, Nestor, along with his son and family, are responsible for several top-rated creations expertly handcrafted under their own marque. The current lineup includes the Reserva Original, Alma del Campo, Alma Fuerte, Alma del Fuego, and Cosecha 146, five award winning blends all boasting their own rich and unique Cuban-style flavors that range from medium bodied in strength to bold and full bodied. This unyielding commitment to excellence resulted in the Alma Fuerte earning an impressive 93-rating in 2017 and being named the #9 Cigar of the Year. Find the blend that’s right for you and savor a cigar smoking experience that’s second to none!

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