3.6 10
Natural Robusto See my other reviews about Perdomo frescos. This whole line is a good bargain. Good tobacco rolled well at a good price. What more needs to be said!? 4 4 1
Natural Robusto Im not sure what wrapper this has but its pretty good. The draw is average but the burn is slightly above par. 3 4 1
Natural Robusto Another good solid daily smoke. Not the most complex or fancy but solidly consistent each and every time. 4 4 1
Natural Robusto The person fresco robust is a good stick affordable and delicious I'm not a fan of the band but rocky can throw down some great blends 4 4 1
Natural Robusto I am a pipe smoker first, cigar smoker second. This cigar was a really nice smoke. Not too strong but had some flavor. Will not over power new smokers at all. I enjoy it on my weekend mornings with my coffee . Will order again. 4 4 1
Natural Robusto Honestly not a favorite. Personally it lacks flavor and comes off as an inexpensive smoke. Good construction as you would expect just lacks flavor. Not for me 3 4 1
Natural Robusto This was a average stick not bad but be a great yard stick but not a great tried true live story one 3 4 1
Natural Robusto This beautiful smoke is really enjoyable and the time I got out of it was perfect. 4 4 1
Natural Robusto The robusto fresco from perdomo was very well put together excellent burn the flavor not my thing the draw was perfection 4 4 1
Natural Robusto A good cigar for the price. It doesn't compare to others in the Perdomo line, but also doesn't carry the same price tag. It has as much flavor as you would expect from a bundle cigar. 3 4 1

Perdomo Fresco

Robusto 5 × 50 PEFR

The legendary Perdomo family is known for making some of the finest premium cigars in the world and these are no exception. Packed in low-priced bundles of 25, the Perdomo Fresco Robusto cigars will delight your taste buds with mild-to-medium-bodied, creamy, and smooth flavors and notes of cedar and nuts. You’ll get a whole lot of great smoking for a little bit of money.
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Ecuador Connecticut




Mellow - Medium


Bundle of 25

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