4.266666666666667 15
Sungrown Robusto Besides the good draw and construction the rest was just average. Not bad but nothing to make you say wow 3 5 1
Sungrown Robusto This is the best cigar I have ever had. I had this when I was playing golf and my mind was blown on how good this cigar tasted. You have to try it yourself. 4 5 1
Sungrown Robusto Love me some some of this. All my uncle smokes so I hang out at his place 2 once a month 4 5 1
Sungrown Robusto A well rolled great tasting cigar for more than a reasonable price. Great draw and a tight burn line 5 5 1
Sungrown Robusto If you want a great shorter Nicaraguan smoke look no further. Excellent flavors great value great draw and construction. A winner. 5 5 1
Sungrown Robusto The sungrown Robusto has good above average draw and construction. The flavors are nice and it's ends medium-full. 3 5 1
Sungrown Robusto Seems to me I got better flavors out of the rob us to than the rest of the sizes but still sun grown isn't for me 3 5 1
Sungrown Robusto I have said it once and I'll say it again this is one that does not disappoint and the flavors are really good 4 5 1
Sungrown Robusto Person 20th year anniversary sun grown robusto this is an awesome smoke I love this blend 5 5 1
Sungrown Robusto The 20th anniversary sungrown is one great tasting perdomo lots of earthy undertones combined with leather very nice aroma well constructed 5 5 1
Sungrown Robusto The burn is great and the flavor is big. Smooth smoke. Sweet wood and spice. But the strength caught up with me. 5 5 1
Sungrown Robusto Smoked plenty of these. Once you start trying Perdomo's you end up getting hooked. I spent weeks sampling the brand and they never got old. This is a great full flavor stick and I found that the robustos were they way to go. 5 5 1
Sungrown Robusto This medium strength cigar is full of rich tobacco flavor. Cocoa and nuts and earth. Smooth draw and great even smoke. 4 5 1
Sungrown Robusto I was looking forward to trying one of this..I was disappointed..not a lot of flavor and very hot at the end 4 5 1
Sungrown Robusto Love it. Moderately mellow and packed with rich, yet delicate flavors. This is a pleasant smoke right from the start. The initial flavors I picked up were a buttery nuttiness combined with a mild chocolaty maltiness. Within the first third the flavors and strength progressed into what you would expect from high quality Nicaraguan tobacco. The spice factor kicked in along with some modest woodiness in the second third. The strength increased a little as well. It is really an enjoyable cigar overall and has now, after having had a few, attained the ranks of a go-to smoke in my book. I’d also like to add that the band is absolutely striking! 5 5 1

Perdomo 20th Anniversary

Sungrown Robusto 5 × 56 PER20

The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Robusto cigars offers a lot to celebrate. Perfectly blended, elegant notes of zesty and smooth, enhanced with rich coffee flavor make a complex smoke that will soothe your palate. Wrapped in a gorgeous, sun grown leaf, it's hard to find a smoke better than Perdomo! Available in boxes of 24 online.

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