4.3977272727272725 88
Clasico Black labelSo Impressive. The coyly black rapper is just the beginning I’ve never had an issue other than complete satisfaction it’s a beautiful smoke it should be enjoyed with a nice scotch 4 5 1
Clasico Believe the chubby bearded man.... Buy your cigars at Jr in Mooresville NC. These are amazing and full of flavor! 5 5 1
Clasico My ultimate routine cigar. Robust. Flavorfull. Well-constructed. Always smokes well. Its my go-to for a great smoke cigar. 5 5 1
Clasico Not a bad cigar in any way price was good build burn and light were good flavor was consistent it got a little more intense each 3rd I'm more into sweet flavors and this wasn't it but I would buy again not a box but maybe a 10 pack 4 5 1
Clasico Disclaimer: Novice enthusiast This is a wonderful cigar. Plenty of smoke and flavor. The taste is coca and coffee. The wrapper is silky. The burn was mostly even but needed a touch up. The draw is perfect and construction prefect for a biter. 4 5 1
Clasico More mild than I expected but still quite tasty. Quality smoke at a fair price 4 5 1
Clasico This is a good blend with classic maduro profile. Coffee cocoa leather nuts some spice. But these ring gauges are too large. Smoking them feels like work. If they made a corona gorda I'd buy it by the box. 4 5 1
Clasico This is my daily go to stick. I've been smoking them for years. Always keep the Humidor stocked 4 5 1
Clasico This cigar has one of the darkest wrappers I have ever seen and it has an almost caramelized sweetness to it. I think a lot of newer smokers would love it 5 5 1
Clasico Not much flavor as described 2 5 1
Clasico Loved it. Flavor and aroma were wonderful. Slightly tight draw relight 3 times Rest of the box is buried and we will see if the minor problems age away. Partagas fan for years and really like this Robusto 4 5 1
Clasico Wow this thing was harsh. Maybe if it were to rest a little it would get better with age. 4 5 1
Clasico Do yourself a favor and pick some of these up. Price is right for this smoke. 4 5 1
Clasico It has been a while since I smoked one of these but the last impression it left on me was a good. I think I still have a few left. 4 5 1
Clasico A great cigar the most notable flavor I grasp from this cigar is a sweet tamarindo esque flavor creamy and milky 4 5 1
Clasico I received this in a sampler pack and was expecting it to knock my socks off as I am a newbie and smoke light-medium far. This smoke was smooth not harsh and had so much knocked my socks off. 5 5 1
Clasico Great even smoke. Great taste from beginning to end Will order again. 5 5 1
Clasico this is such a draw heavy stick very bold and tasty nice draw and awesome construction wish it was bigger 4 5 1
Clasico Partagas Black I've enjoyed this one many times. It have very prominent flavor combinations. A very tasty cigar indeed. 4 5 1
Clasico This is my favorite cigar. I smoke one almost daily and on a good weekend more than one. Nice flavor good smoke. As one review mentioned a funny burn from time to time. It certainly needs to be stored properly for a consistent smoke. 4 5 1
Clasico I got this cigar in a variety pack. Strong full flavors with thick smoke. Not for the weak but still a very pleasurable smoke. Set out some time to truly enjoy this one the flavors are incredible. 4 5 1
Clasico Good smoke very comparable to the Excalibur Dark Knight. I prefer the Excalibur to the Partagas but if you like Dark Knights and want to switch it up a bit these are definitely worth a try and a good value. 4 5 1
Clasico I can't believe Partagas would put their label on this junk 2 5 1
Clasico Full body flavor excellent with black coffee 5 5 1
Clasico Simply my favorite go to cigar and has been for the last 20 years or so 5 5 1
Clasico These used to be so rich and dark, strong and high quality, they have changed the quality of the tobacco, they are now inconsistent, poorly crafted, out of the box, 7 we're of the same quality I remember, the rest burned poorly, and had unsatisfactory flavor. I guess I will no longer fill my humidor with these as they no longer hold to the high standards they once had. 2 5 1
Clasico Fabulous Cigar... Got one of these in a sampler. Excellent construction, nice complexity, everything a full bodied cigar should be. Nice slow burn. It didn't burn perfectly straight but still burnt very well. Only negative thing is it's a little more than I like to pay for a box of 20. 5 5 1
Clasico A really great cigar smooth with lots of flavor and smoke. 5 5 1
Clasico Perfect size/shape and wrapper! Sublime taste accents! My every-evening smoke! 5 5 1
Clasico Don’t smoke on an empty stomach. Thebis a true heavy bold cigar with tons of flavor. The cedar and spicy are heavenly with a little creamy raisin mixed in. 5 5 1
Clasico Black labelSo Impressive. The coyly black rapper is just the beginning I’ve never had an issue other than complete satisfaction it’s a beautiful smoke it should be enjoyed with a nice scotch 4 5 1
Clasico I love love love this cigar! Its a little spicy its a little sweet its got a beautiful black shiny wrapper that just makes you want to stare at if for hours. I have found that letting them rest for a minimum of one month and dry boxing them for an hour or so makes for the best quality burn. But that is common with super oily cigars. Especially Broadleaf. It is strong but not so much that you get sick from it. Perfect for an after dinner. Affordable every day kind of smoke but classy enough to hand out for special events. 5 5 1
Clasico Great smoke.......great draw taste & construction. Full bodied relaxing smoke great for the weekend! Tastey 5 5 1
Clasico Yes this is one fine tasting cigar. Very rich tasting with leather and chocolate undertones for my pallate. Great draw burns smooth never an issue. This is one of my top three cigars. 4 5 1
Clasico Disclaimer: Novice enthusiast This is a wonderful cigar. Plenty of smoke and flavor. The taste is coca and coffee. The wrapper is silky. The burn was mostly even but needed a touch up. The draw is perfect and construction prefect for a biter. 4 5 1
Clasico I've been smoking this cigar for years. Always a good choice. FI'll flavored . Always smokes well. Greay cigar 5 5 1
Clasico Very rich with flavor and bold smoke. Dark oily wrapper pretty good draw and burn. 5 5 1
Clasico Partitas black label is a delicious stogie. Extremely robust and addicting. Have one and you'll want more! 5 5 1
Clasico I only tried these because they are my dad's favorite. I'm glad I did. They are a great full flavor cigar. Construction has always been flawless and burns just like it should. 4 5 1
Clasico A very nice beautiful dark chocolate wrapper. Medium to full bodied with lots of flavor. Coffee beans dark chocolate and a nice creamy finish. Definitely a great stick. 4 5 1
Clasico Gorgeously dark huge bold flavor. Mysterious and beautiful. Absolutely stunning stick. Get you a few 5 5 1
Clasico Good cigar! Some construction issues from time to time but flavors are consistent. One of the few good non-Cuban Partagas. 3 5 1
Clasico This is a full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: dark chocolate espresso. This is a very strong cigar however a perfect construction. Had to relit a few times but did burn even. Would recommend in rotation 3 5 1
Clasico Partagas Black Lable is definitely not one to black ball. This little stick will surprise you with the full flavor and enjoyment it provides. 4 5 1
Clasico I really liked this cigar. Lots of rich flavor and lots of smoke. A nice even burn also. 4 5 1
Clasico If you are new to cigars don't get this one... yet. This one will knock your socks off. It is one of the fullest flavor and strongest cigars I've smoked. Deep dark wrapper. Excellent taste. Good burn. Very strong. Great smoking experience but if you are a newbie you shouldn't try this one just yet. 5 5 1
Clasico Partagas was one of the first cigars I ever tried...I still smoke them on a regular can't go wrong with these especially if you like a strong flavorful smoke..gets a bit hot at the end but it's worth it..very consistent.. 5 5 1
Clasico This gar is so rich and potent with earthy flavors. Slight nut and pepper. Lots of smoke and herbal aroma. It was quite an experience. 4 5 1
Clasico This is my favorite cigar from the part of his line it has a great oily wrapper with the strength that I like 5 5 1
Clasico This is a good smoke I love part a gas this one is a great blend will her a box of these on hand for sure get it here 4 5 1
Clasico Great taste nice draw one of my favorites.. Would definitely recommend this cigars. If you have not tried one of these you are missing out. 4 5 1
Clasico Black l a b e l Classico by partagas is a dark deep cigar with excellent smoke and good draw 5 5 1
Clasico I can't say enough about these beauties. They are smooth but full flavor earthy with cocoa tones. Extremely enjoyable filling my humidor full of these perfect smoke for anytime of the day. 5 5 1
Clasico Great tasting cigar but it's to bad it does not burn even. About 15 years ago this was my everyday smoke. 4 5 1
Clasico This black label was superb notes of rich tobacco and leather are prominent and rest easy on the pallet the construction and burn were more than adequate 5 5 1
Clasico Fantastic cigar great heavy flavor with a great finish. Definitely a cigar I would recommend 4 5 1
Clasico A good strong smoke. They can burn a little funny sometimes but it's not a rough battle just a little touch up here and there. Definitely worth buying one now and again. 3 5 1
Clasico I'm not sure if saying this cigar is great is strong enough. I'm not sure if FANTASTIC covers it either. This is one of the best cigars I've ever had. 5 5 1
Clasico Great full smoke. Not for the begginners 5 5 1
Clasico This is a very tasty cigar with good draw and lots of flavor. This cigar is good for everyday. 5 5 1
Clasico A strong cigar with complicated flavors. Not for a beginner. I make sure that I have nothing else planned after this cigar so that I can enjoy it with a scotch. 4 5 1
Clasico I enjoy a good Cigar this one is very tasty. Smoke output is very good. You will taste hints ok coffee along with some mild spices throughout. 4 5 1
Clasico The best Maduro for the price; great smoke. 5 5 1
Clasico It’s a smooth, great tasting and refreshing cigar. It’s been my favorite cigar since I tried It in 2003. I just wish it went on sale more often. 5 5 1
Clasico Rich, with a bold flavor, and yet mild after taste. I smoke this till it burns my fingers than put the inch and a half in my pipe. I find it an amazing smoke. 5 5 1
Clasico I can't remember ever rating any cigar a 5 other than this one. This is cigar nirvana for the experienced cigar fan. Full strength flavor, yet smooth as frogs hair until the end. Nice complex flavors ranging from spice to chocolate and espresso. I've been smoking these for many years. Fantastic cigar ! 5 5 1
Clasico I love this cigar. The flavor and draw are outstanding. 5 5 1
Clasico Decent cigar. Not as strong as I anticipated. 3 5 1
Clasico Great smoke. Lots of pepper, citrus almost all of the way through. The only reason that I did not rate this a "5" is that there was some uneven burn for a short time in the middle of the smoke. Otherwise, this is a very good smoke. One hour, and ten minutes. 4 5 1
Clasico Excellent cigar easy draw a great smoke and a great deal. 5 5 1
Clasico I'm not happy with the burn, I found that half of them have burned unequally, having to spit/lick to slow down one side of the wrapper. 5 5 1
Clasico a very good smoke 5 5 1
Clasico This cigar is a consistent pleasant smile. You can count on this cigar to please the pallet. 4 5 1
Clasico When you remove it from the cellophane wrapper, you can tell it is going to be a nice smoke. These are one of my favorites. A nice full bodied cigar with notes of espresso, cocoa, spice and creamy. Slow perfect burn with a good draw. 5 5 1
Clasico Love these cigars. Great taste, consistent burn, the cap cracks or rips a little too often while using a punch cutter. Overall I will definitely be purchasing again. 5 5 1
Clasico Partagas Black has such a distinct, full flavor that I have only found in this line of Partagas cigars. Strong, dark and full flavored, this smoke is fantastic all the way through. 5 5 1
Clasico Full flavored, very strong but not harsh 1 hour smoke. Take this one sitting down! Very large thick veins in the wrapper that never ignited. 5 5 1
Clasico My favorite black label. 5 5 1
Clasico I like the consistency of this cigar 5 5 1
Clasico Nice 5 5 1
Clasico Black Partagas Label are strong but good, if you enjoy a full body Maduro this is a must try!! 4 5 1
Clasico Great smoke. Amd strong 4 5 1
Clasico Wanted to try something different and pleasantly surprised 4 5 1
Clasico I love Maduros and this one was great! Slow burning, perfect draw. I smoked it down to its nub. That’s when I know I had a great one! 5 5 1
Clasico And excellent smoking experience. Notes of chocolate, spice, cream and earthy leather. Excellent consistency, flavor, draw and construction. Very satisfying. Retains its flavor throughout the entire cigar. Yet, this is a very strong cigar! It is meant and should be enjoyed after a big meal and a couple of drinks. When the stomach is full, so that the nicotine content may be better absorbed by the body. Smoke it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and you may very well get sick! Also, even on a full stomach, do not rush this experience. Savor and enjoy this cigar. Like a fine wine or a piece of dark chocolate. When properly smoked, I believe this will be one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences you ever have. If you keep in mind that it is truly a very strong cigar! 5 5 1
Clasico I re-started w/ Partagas. Quit about 20 years ago and didn't pick up stick til 2014-15 years ago. Never had a bad Partagas cigar. In my top 5 choices! You'll like them...try it!! 4 5 1
Clasico Partagas are the best burn well amd good consistency 5 5 1
Clasico Like that JR is offering these in a 10 pack. These Partagas, black label clasico's pack an enjoyable punch, great aroma and smoke one of my favorites don't get up too fast after this 5 5 1

Partagas Black Label

Clasico 5.25 × 54 PABC10

Fortune favors the bold. So does the Partagas Black Label Clasico 5.25 × 54. Full-bodied in strength, this cigar features an oily Connecticut Medio Tiempo wrapper and filler from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The illustrious and mysterious Medio Tiempo wrapper is becoming a more popular part of the cigar industry given its ability to bring out a richer and more pronounced flavor profile from its filler tobacco. Not every plant produces a Medio Tiempo leaf, making this a covetable delicacy of sorts. In this case, the Medio Tiempo helps create a flavor profile of toasted bread, leather, and coffee. Shop JR for this incredible smoke, which is always available at an incredible price. Now offered in packs of 10, take the mystery wherever you go.
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Connecticut Medio Tiempo

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



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