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80 Years This padron special release is not one to be missed. You will not be disappointed with this one give it a try 5 5 1
80 Years the padron special 80th i dont know what to think had great flavors but nothing to great for these 3 5 1
80 Years Five star smoke right here. Great on all accounts. Lots of full and complex flavors. Smokes like a dream. Perfect drawsmoke output and construction. Can’t go wrong with this one. 5 5 1
80 Years The Padron Special Releases 80 Years is a nice cigar made to celebrate joses 80th birthday one of the best there is 5 5 1
80 Years At $30+ a pop these better be good! Wicked shape with this stick. Smototh draw and ash always corrects. 5 5 1
80 Years This cigar has everything-taste is delicious feel nuts and spicy smell and construction are perfect 5 5 1
80 Years This is without a doubt one of the best padron cigars. Great after a meal. Consistency and flavor are never to be forgotten 5 5 1
80 Years Draw for me was a little yo lose other wise it was just great to smoke. Flavors were on point and the stick had a great feel. Nice and smooth. 3 5 1
80 Years This is o e of those hat does. It come along too often but when it does you better enjoy 5 5 1
80 Years Great 5 5 1
80 Years In a word, yes! This cigar is worth it. That’s not to say I would smoke this every day. I simply can’t afford to drop $35 on one cigar very often. However, if you can swing it for a celebratory smoke, special occasion, or that perfect moment, get this cigar! The best cigar I ever smoked. The flavor, the draw, the burn, the strength were on point. Just as the description above says, earthy, tangy and spicy. Don’t rush this cigar. You’ll need to set aside at least two hours of peaceful bliss. The cigar never got harsh toward the end. It’s flavors only became slightly more intense. You will not regret dropping the money for this cigar. Truly a 5-star. 5 5 1

Padron Special Releases

80 Years 6.75 × 54 PD80

The Padron 80th Anniversary, packaged in a box of 8, is a commemorative edition, line extension of the 1926 Anniversary family of super premium smokes. Released in 2006 to celebrate the genius behind the brand, Jose Orlando's 80th birthday, this cigar has become a unique treasure among aficionados. 80th Anniversary features a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan wrapper and an award-winning ensemble of hearty Nicaraguan binder and filler leaf. This eye-catching Perfecto is well aged, and brimming with bold earthy flavors that are further enhanced with heavy top- notes of sweet and tangy spices. The impeccable artistry and magnificent taste of this eminent smoke, makes it one that you will want to proudly display and fully enjoy!
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